Exotic Animal Rights and Animal Welfare Related Links

Animal rights -- The concept that animals have rights that are equivalent to, or even supersede, those of humans; implies that animals should be used for no other purpose than for the benefit of the animals themselves.
Animal welfare -- The concept of using animals for human ends but minimizing pain, stress, suffering, and deprivation and enhancing the animals' well-being during their lifetimes.

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Animal Rights Related Links

Animal Protection Institute
(Animal Rights Legislation Group)
Warning: Many of the laws they are pushing will take YOUR rights away from you!
Working for Animals Used in Research, Drugs and Surgery
Home: Vienna,VA
-Email: WARDS - Sep 20 - 11:17 AM
dennistriglia's homepage
Home: San Diego, CA, USA
-Email: Dennis Triglia - Aug 29 - 8:23 PM
Animal Rights vs Animal Welfare - The Evansville Press
Home: N/A
-Email: Stephen Schwambach - Aug 20 - 9:44 PM
Animal Rights Mean Human Wrongs
Home: N/A
-Email: Michael Fumento - Aug 20 - 9:40 PM
PETA: Animal Welfare vs Animal Rights (Animal Rights: The Inhumane Crusade)
Home: N/A
-Email: Daniel T. Oliver - Aug 20 - 9:38 PM
Animal Rights Net
Home: N/A
-Email: Brian Carnell - Jul 01 - 3:43 PM
The Animal Rights Agenda - 12 Steps
Home: N/A
-Email: N/A - Jun 30 - 6:55 AM
Do Animals Have the Right to Choose Human Companionship?
Home: N/A - Email: N/A - Dec 18 - 11:40 AM
Marine Animal Welfare in Zoos and Aquaria
Home: United Kingdom
-Email: John Dineley - May 20 - 12:29 PM
Do Animals Have Rights?
Academia Stephani
The Americans For Medical Progress
Home: Alexandria, VA
-Email: AMP - Sep 28 - 7:22 PM
Foundation for Biomedical Research
Animal Rights Terrorists wanted by FBI
Animal Rights - Myths, Lies, Terrorism, Anti-Humanity
The Real Agenda (From Dandy Lions Cattery)
Pedigreed Cats Face Extinction (CFA)
VegWeb's Animal Rights
How animal rights groups really feel about your pets and some of the laws they are working on passing.


National Animal Interest Alliance