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PPP Award

Jan 2000 Award Winner
Insects and Friends

(Nov/Dec Skipped due to shortage of new entries)

Oct 1999 Award Winner
Lane Area Ferret Lovers

Sept 1999 Award skipped
(Webmaster on vacation)

August 1999 Award Winner:
Wild Thing! "Poison Dart Frogs"

July 1999 Award Winner:
Spiny Tailed Lizards
uromastyx maliensis

June Award Skipped
(overworked Webmaster)

May 1999 Award Winner:
Tricia's Chinese Water Dragon Page

April 1999 Award Winner:
Victorian Frog Group

March 1999 Award Winner:
HotSpot for Birds

February 1999 Award Winner

January 1999 Award Winner
Everything You Need To Know About Giant Pandas

December 1998 Award Winner
Tomato Frogs

November 1998 Award Winner
Sugar Glider Shack

Sept. 1998 Award Winner
Skunk Central

August 1998 Award Winner:

July 1998 Award Winner:
Mandy's Chinchilla Planet

June 1998 Award Winner:
Sugar Gliders & Exotic Pets

May 1998 Award Winner:
Providence House Avian Rescue & Support Services

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