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Shambala Exotic Animal Protection Act of 1999
(Would ban all private ownership of many exotic animals - Federal - No Bill # yet)
Supported by Senator Barbara Boxer and Congressman Tom Lantos.
H.R. 2929, the Captive Elephant Accident Prevention Act
(In fact, its the 'ban asian elephants from circuses and elephant rides act' pushed by PeTA and HSUS)
Lobbyist Groups and Government
Government Links
Animal Owners United
Animal Protection Institute
(Animal Rights Legislation Group)
Warning: Many of the laws they are pushing will take YOUR rights away from you!
Anaheim, CA considers legalizing pot bellied pigs!
ASPCA Government Affairs
Californian's for Ferret Legalization
Californians For Ferret Legalization
Captive Exotic Animal Protection Act of 1997 - NRA
Don't Lose Your Right to Own Birds - AFA
Herp Law Forum - HerpForum
King County, Washington Exotics Ruling (June 1998)
Legalize Domestic Skunks Petition
NAIA Action Alerts
National Reptile & Amphibian Council (Legislative alerts)
OABA Circus News
San Francisco, CA to Legalize Ferrets in City?
Wolfdog Legislation
New York City Ferret Ban!!
Home: New York. NY
-Email: N/A - Jul 14 - 1:59 AM
Veterinary Government & Law Resources
Home: N/A
-Email: NetVet - May 25 - 12:21 PM
Skunk Freindly Ontario: against the pet skunk ban
Home: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
-Email: Mel Drake - Apr 06 - 8:03 AM
HELP SAVE AVICULTURE!!! USDA regulations may soon change if you don't act
Home: PO BOX 56218 Phoenix, AZ 85079-6218
-Email: American Federation of Aviculture - Mar 20 - 3:14 PM
Realistic Exotic Animal Legislative Laws (REAL-LAW
Home: Tyler, Texas US - Email: Brian Werner - Feb 07 - 2:40 AM


National Animal Interest Alliance