Veterinarian and Animal Health Books

Avian Medicine and Surgery

(Library of Veterinary Practice)
by B. H. Coles

Avian Viruses Function and Control :

Function and Control
by Branson W. Ritchie

The Avian Ark
Tales from a Wild-Bird Hospital
by Kit Chubb, Kit Chrbb

The Illustrated Veterinary Guide for

Dogs, Cats, Birds, & Exotic Pets
by Chris C. Pinney, Sandra G. Pinson (Illustrator), Christopher C. Pinney

Diseases of Cage and Aviary Birds

by Walter J., Jr, Dvm Rosskopf (Editor), Richard W. Woerpel (Editor)

Manual of Avian Practice

by Agnes E. Rupley

Medicine and Surgery of South American Camelids :

Llama, Alpacas, Vicuna, Guanaco
by Murray E. Fowler

The Merck Veterinary Manual
A Handbook of Diagnosis, Therapy, and Disease
Prevention and Control for the Veterinarian (8th Ed)
by Clarence M. Fraser, Susan E. Aiello

Review Questions and Answers
for Veterinary Technicians
by Thomas P. Colville

Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care:
A Manual for the Veterinary Technician
by Andrea M. Battaglia

Clinical Textbook for Veterinary Technicians

by Dennis M. McCurnin (Editor), Selma Kaszczuk (Editor)

Veterinary Guide for Animal Owners :

Cattle, Goats, Sheep, Horses, Pigs, Poultry, Rabbits, Dogs, Cats
by C. E. Spaulding, Jackie Clay

Biology and Diseases of the Ferret

by James G. Fox (Editor)
Hardcover 2nd edition (August 1998)
Acupuncture for Pets
by Shawn Messonnier

Amphibian Medicine and Captive Husbandry
by Kevin N. Wright, Brent R. Whitaker

Anaesthesia of the Cat
(has a chapter on exotics written by John Lewis
of the International ZooVeterinary Group)
by L.W. Hall, P. Taylor (Editor)

Animal Health : Technician Licensing Examination
(The Passbook Series. Passbooks for Career Opportunities, C-3039)
by Jack Rudman

Aquaculture for Veterinarians :
Fish Husbandry and Medicine
(Pergamon Veterinary Handbook Series)
by Lydia Brown (Editor)

Alternative Therapies for Horses :
Science Speaks
by David W. Ramey

Analytical Methods in Toxicology
by H. M. Stahr

The Art of Veterinary Practice :
A Guide to Client Communication
by Myrna M. Milani

Atlas of Diagnostic Radiology of Exotic Pets
by Rubel

An Atlas of Veterinary Surgery
by Barrie Edwards, John A. Hickman, John E. F. Houlton

Avian Hematology and Cytology
by Terry W. Campbell

Avian Medicine : Principles and Application
by Branson W. Ritchie, Greg J. Harrison, Linda R. Harrison (Editor)

Avian Medicine: Principles & Application
(abridged edition)

by Branson Ritchie (Editor), Greg J. Harrison, Linda Harrison, Don Zantop

The Basic Principles of Equine Massage/Muscle Therapy
by Mike Scott

Biology and Diseases of the Ferret
by James G. Fox (Editor)

The Biology and Medicine of Rabbits and Rodents
by John E. Harkness, Joseph E. Wagner

Biology, Medicine, & Surgery of South American Wild Animals
by Murray E. Fowler (Editor), Zalmir Cubas (Editor)

Birds of Prey : Medicine and Management
by Manfred Heidenreich, Yvonne Oppenheim (Translator)

Black's Veterinary Dictionary
by Geoffrey P. West (Editor)

Cancer Chemotherapy in Small Animal Practice
(Library of Veterinary Practice)
by Jane M. Dobson, Neil T. Gorman

Care of the Wild Feathered & Furred :
Treating and Feeding Injured Birds and Animals
by Mae Hickman, Maxine Guy, Stephen Levine

Care and Rehabilitation of Injured Owls
by Katherine McKeever

Chemical Immobilization of Wild and Exotic Animals
by Leon Nielsen

A Color Atlas of Camelid Hematology
by Ulrich Wernery, Murray Fowler, Renate Wernery

A Color Atlas of Diseases and Disorders of Sheep and Goats
by K.A. Linklater, K.W. Angus

Common Reptile Diseases and Treatment
by Shawn P. Messonnier

Complete Herbal Handbook for Farm and Stable
by Juliette De Bairacli-Levy, Juliet De Bairacli Levy

Complete Preparation for the Vets, 1999
by Williams, Wilkins Review

Controlled Reproduction in Horses, Deer and Camelids
(Controlled Reproduction in Farm Animals, 4)
by Ian R. Gordon

CRC Handbook of Marine Mammal Medicine :
Health, Disease, and Rehabilitation
by Leslie A. M.D. Dierauf (Editor)

Cytology and Microscopic Anatomy
(The National Veterinary Medicine Series for Independent Study)
by Horst-Dieter Dellmann, Jeanine A. Carithers

Diseases of Domestic Rabbits
(Library of Veterinary Practice)
by Lieve Okerman, Richard Sundahl (Translator)

Diseases of Poultry
by B. W. Calnek (Editor), H. John Barnes (Editor), Charles W. Beard (Editor)

Diseases of Domestic Guinea Pigs
(Library of Veterinary Practice)
by V. C. G. Richardson

Diseases of Small Domestic Rodents
(Library of Veterinary Practice)
by V. C. G. Richardson

Diseases of Wild Waterfowl
by Gary Wobeser

Ecg Manual for the Veterinary Technician
by N. Joel Edwards

Dissection Guide And Atlas For The Mink
by David G. Smith, Michael Schenk

The Encyclopedia of Natural Pet Care
by C. J. Puotinen

The Exotic Animal Drug Compendium :
An International Formulary

by Keath L. Marx, Keith L. Marx, Margaret A. Roston

Exotic Animal Formulary
by James W. Carpenter, Ted Y. Mashima,
David J. Rupiper, jam Morrisey

Exotic Animal Medicine in Practice
by Johnston

Exotic Animals : A Veterinary Handbook
by Veterinary Technician Collection, Compilation

Exotic Companion Medicine Handbook for Veterinarians
by Cathy A. Johnson-Delaney (Editor)

Facts and Phalluses :
A Collection of Bizarre and Intriguing Truths, Legends,
and Measurements
by Alexandra Parsons, Jennifer Black (Illustrator)
(I guess this book counts as an anatomy book)

Ferrets, Rabbits, and Rodents :
Clinical Medicine and Surgery
by Elizabeth V. Hillyer (Editor), Katherine E. Quesenberry, eliza Hillyer

Field Manual of Wildlife Diseases :
General Field Procedures and Diseases of Birds
(Information and Technology Report, 1999-001)
Hardcover (April 1999)
U S Geological Survey

First Aid for Wildlife:
Basic Care for Birds and Mammals
by Irene Ruth, Hope M. Douglas, Dale Carlson

Fundamental Techniques in Veterinary Surgery
by Charles D. Knecht, Algernon R. Allen, David J. Williams, j Johnson, Charles B. Knecht

Handbook of Avian Medicine
by Thomas Tully

Handbook of Clinical Toxicology of Animal Venoms and Poisons
by J. Meier (Editor), Julian White (Editor)

Handbook of Rabbit and Rodent Medicine
(Pergamon Veterinary Handbook Series)
by Kathy Laber-Laird (Editor), M. Michael Swindle, P.A. Flecknell

Handbook of Small Animal Orthopedics and Fracture Repair
by Donald L. Piermattei, Gretchen L. Flo, F. Dennis Giddings (Illustrator)

Handbook of Small Animal Practice
by Rhea Volk Morgan (Editor)

Handbook of Vertebrate Immunology
by Paul-Pierre Pastoret (Editor), Phillip Griebel (Editor),
Andre Govaerts (Editor)

Handbook of Zoo Medicine :
Diseases and Treatment of Wild Animals in Zoos, Game Parks,
Circuses, and Private Collections
by Heinz-Georg Kl-Os

Herbs for Pets;
All You Ever Wanted to Know
by Mary Wulff-Tilford, Gregory, L. Tilford

Infectious Diseases of Mice and Rats Companion Guide

Infectious Diseases of Wild Mammals
by John William Davis

Investigation and Management of Disease in Wild Animals
(The Language of Science)
by Gary A. Wobeser

Laboratory Animal Anaesthesia :
A Practical Introduction for Research Workers and Technicians
by P.A. Flecknell (Editor)

Laboratory Medicine :
Avian and Exotic Pets
by Alan M. Fudge

Laboratory Procedures for Veterinary Technicians
by Paul W. Pratt (Editor)

Manual of Exotic Pets
by Peter H. Beynon, John E. Cooper

Manual of Small Animal Postoperative Care
by Robert Taylor, Robin McGehee

Medical Management of the Orangutan
by Susan K. Wells, Eva Sargent, Dave Anderson, Mark Andrews

Medicine and Surgery of South American Camelids
: Llamas, Alpacas, Vicunas, Guanacos
by Murray E. Fowler

Medical, Surgical and Anesthetic Nursing for Veterinary Technicians
by Paul W. Pratt

Natural Nutrition for Dogs & Cats :
The Ultimate Pet Diet
by Kymythy R. Schultze

National Veterinary Medical Series: Pharmacology
by Ahrens

Microbiology for Veterinary Technicians
by M. Ikram

Molecular Biology and Evolution of Blood Group
and Mhc Antigens in Primates

by A. Blancher (Editor), J Klein (Editor), W. W. Socha (Editor)

Mosby's Review Questions & Answers for Veterinary Boards :
Small Animal Medicine and Surgery (2nd Ed)
by Paul W., Vmd. Pratt (Editor)

Nature's Secret Remedies for Pets
by Lila Devi

Noninfectious Diseases of Wildlife
by Anne Fairbrother (Editor), Louis N. Locke (Editor), Gerald L. Hoff (Editor)

Nononcogenic Avian Viruses
(Progress in Veterinary Microbiology and Immunology, Vol 5)
by R. Pandey (Editor)

An Outline of Swine Diseases : A Handbook
by Ross P. Cowart

Parasites and Diseases of Wild Mammals in Florida
by Donald J. Forrester

Parasitic Diseases of Wild Mammals
by William M. Samuel (Editor), John William
Parasitic Diseases of w Davis, A. Alan Kocan (Editor)

The Patient Elephant :
More Exotic Cases from the World's Top Wildlife Vet
by David Taylor

Pet Skin and Haircoat Problems :
Tests & Treatments for Veterinary Technicians
by Lowell J. Ackerman

Pharmacology for Veterinary Technicians
by Bill, Robert Bill

Poisonous Plants :
A Veterinary Guide to Toxic Syndromes
by Murray Fowler
(Power MacIntosh Platform)

Population Dynamics of Rabies in Wildlife
by Philip Bacon

Practical Avian Medicine
by Heidi L. Hoefer

Practical Exotic Animal Medicine
(The Compendium Collection)
by Karen L. Rosenthal (Editor)

Practical Wildlife Care:
For Veterinary Nurses, Animal Care Students and Rehabilitators
by Les Stocker

Primate Anatomy :
An Introduction by Friderun Ankel-Simons

The Psychological Well-Being of Nonhuman Primates
by Committee on Well-Being of Nonhuman Primates, National Research council

Raptor Biomedicine
by Patrick T. Redig, John E. Cooper, David Remple, Bruce Hunter

Ratite Management, Medicine, and Surgery
by Thomas N., Jr Tully (Editor), Simon M. Shane (Editor)

Reproduction and Disease in Captive and Wild Animals
(Symposia of the Zoological Society of London, No 60)
by G.R. Smith, J.P. Hearn (Editor)

Reptile Clinician's Handbook :
A Compact Clinical and Surgical Reference
by Fredric L. Frye

Reptile Medicine and Surgery
by Douglas R. Mader (Editor), Geoff Stein (Illustrator)

Restraint and Handling of Wild and Domestic Animals
by Murray E. Fowler

Self-Assessment Color Review of Avian Medicine
by Robert B. Altman (Editor), Neil A. Forbes (Editor)

Self-Assessment Color Review of Reptiles and Amphibians
by Fredric L. Frye, David L. Williams

Small Animal Anesthesia & Analgesia
by Diane McKelvey, K. Wayne Hollingshead

Small Animal Paediatric Medicine and Surgery
by Giselle Hosgood, Johnny D. Hoskins, Jacqueline Davidson, jul Smith

Small Animal Surgical Nursing
by Diane L., B.A., Ed.M Tracy

Small Animal Surgery
(The National Veterinary Medical Series for Independent Study)
by Joseph Harari (Editor)

Small Animal Surgery Secrets
by Joseph, Dvm, MS Dacvs Harari (Editor)

Surgical Complications and Wound Healing in the Small Animal Practice
by Joseph Harari

Textbook of Small Animal Surgery
(Two-Volume Set)
by Douglas Slatter

(The National Veterinary Medical Series for Independent Study)
by Gary D. Osweiler

Tropical Animal Health
by Horst S. H. Seifert

Veterinary Epidemiology
by Michael Thrusfield

The Veterinarian's Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior
by Bonnie V. Beaver

A Veterinary Guide for Animal Owners
by C. E. Spaulding

A Veterinary Guide to the Parasites of Reptiles :
by Susan M. Barnard, Nixon Wilson

Veterinary Zootoxicology
by Murray E. Fowler

Zoo and Wild Animal Medicine
by Murray E. Fowler

Zoo and Wild Animal Medicine : Current Therapy
by Murray E. Fowler (Editor), R. Eric Miller (Editor)

Zoo & Wild Animal Medicine : Current Therapy 3
by Murray E. Fowler, Murray E. Fuller

Zoo & Wild Animal Medicine: Current Therapy 4
by Murray E. Fowler (Editor), R. Eric Miller (Editor)

If you don't see a certain exotic pet or related animal title, let me know and we will make an effort to include it. While some books are not specificly pet related, they are included as resources for researching diets or other captive care information.

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