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If you have lost an alternative/exotic pet or domestic pet, please report to me the information, plus a picture if you have one and I will post it here.
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Animal name, species and brief discription:
Date missing from:
Location last seen:
Owners name and email address:
Young Tiger loose on Fort Polk military base in Louisiana (8-27-06)

Authorities did everything they could to recapture the animal but were
unsuccessful. We would like to think the owner caught the cat and delivered
it to a sanctuary where it is safe. No sightings have been reported for 6
days and we fear the animal lacks the energy reserves to move around. If
you know anything we would appreciate the information. Thank you.

[email protected]

April 15, 2006

Missing: Weepier capuchin. Name: Kiki

Please if anyone has any info my daughter Kiki is missing. She is a weepier capuchin. She is 5yrs old she has been missing from my home in Daytona Beach, FL since the week of feburary the 16th 2006. I believe with all my heart she was stolen. I left to NY on the 14 July. I left her in the care of a friend who also has capuchins and has cared for Kiki before. I raised Kiki since she was born she is my life. I love and miss her my heart is very empty without her. I know she did not just escape. I have other primates she is a lap baby and the stories given to me don't match and my friend did not call me or authorities. I found out 4 days later from one of my employees that over heard about something wrong at my home with one of my primates. I called to ask my friend what was wrong and she said nothing. I replied that I would be on the next plane back. She then called me back and said Kiki was missing but could not give me the day of time for someone is caring for my babies should know this.
When I got back to FL my friend was not at my home did not want to take my calls and did not seem concerned in helping me look for Kiki and to this day has not called me for someone who loves primates much as I do knowing Kiki has all her k9s and and for the safety of her and people even though she has never used her k9s or bite anyone out of fear she might if she was really loose. all the houses on my street are close everyone knows who I am and I have primates and who Kiki is I own a bar she was always with me I took her everywhere she is used to people and other animals someone would of seen or heard her if she really got loose there is more to this.
I made a police; animal control; and wildlife fish game report as soon as I got home I left on Mon NY found out about Kiki on Fri got the next plane out to FL on sun Kiki I was told got loose between Tue or wed if anyone was really looking for she would answer to her name why didn't my friend ask my 16 or 11 yr old sons to help they didnt even know about her being missing till I called them on fri she would of answed them calling her name they know how much she means to me I know she in someone home somewhere I just can't prove it yet if you go to www. haveyouseenkiki.com there is pic of her any info about her please call 386-451-7407 or e-mail [email protected]

Thank you from a broken hearted mother

September 29, 2005


Twenty (25) alpacas have were stolen from Greenbank Farm, Whidbey
Island, Washington on Saturday afternoon, September 27, 2005.

The Island County Sheriff's office is handling the theft as a criminal
investigation. They have established that the animals were stolen and
suspect they are being sold in Montana. If you have any information
that might lead to the recovery of the animals please contact Deputy
Sheriff Laura Price at (360) 321-5113 Ext. 7310 or by email at
[email protected]

The case number is 03-I16911

The alpacas stolen are all females, most with cria. One female was taken but
her recently born cria left behind. There are 12 adult females, 4 yearling
females, 5 female cria and 4 male cria. One adult female was due on the day
they were taken.

They are not insured.

The microchip numbers for those animals with them are:


Please notify anyone you know who is not a member of AOBA or anyone
you know that might not be on the AOBA Emergency Notification Email

My name is Marlene Thornton and I am writing in regards to a lost dog, my father was driving through Junction City texas about three weeks ago in his RV, he stopped on Highway 10 at a rest area and his dog Harry got out. Harry is a 5 year old Manchester mix, black and tan approximately 15 to 18 lbs ? he was wearing a brown collar, but no tags. my father is devistated, they were constant companions and we can't understand how or why Harry left the RV. he never leaves my dads side, they go every where together, my dad has since left for Florida,
but he cries all the time because he lost his dog. my father is quite elderly and Harry was his whle life. I was wondering if you could get the word out that we are looking for Harry. there will be a reward for his return . I sure would like to find him for my dad.
I can be reaches at [email protected] or my father cell phone no is 517-937-7066 but he is extremely hard of hearing. and help would be greatly appreciated.
thank you
Sincerely marlene Thornton
Older African Gray was lost from South East Florida on Monday 11/30.05.
"Shylow" has been in the family for 3 generations, and is highly missed.
Please call 561-272 1700 or 561-843 0320 with ANY information at ANY time.
Thank you.
Bodil Marc
Animal Name: Kipper the Nipper
Species: Domesticated ferret
Breif description: White face, tip of tail white and all four paws, very friendly, loveable and when you tickle his belly he goes crazy
date missing from: may 09, 2005
Location last seen: shreveport,la in the linwood area early that morning
the story: i was just coming home from middle school, and my mom asked me
to clean out his cage in the back porch( i had allergies) and when i went to
go clean out the cage Kipper was gone and the top cage door was open so was
his play ball. we think a co-worker of my dad is the theif.
Reward: I have no money, but my whole family would be in your debt.
owner: raven jones,
e-mail address: [email protected]
Lost conure (bird about the size of a cockatiel but a bigger beak)
Her name is Kiwi shes green with a medium blue head and white rings
around her eyes. Lost 10/2005 in sw gainesville florida. I could only
afford a 50 dollar reward.
Thank you, Pat Compton( [email protected])
The animal I'm looking for isn't exactly lost, but yet she is. I'm looking for my sugar glider, Lily. Here is the story. When I got her, the breeder and my family became good friends. We later then moved from PA to IL, and had to give her my glider because we had no where to keep here when we first moved and then we where going to have her sent back to us. Well, then the breeder moved from NJ to FL, and we lost touch with her. So I guess I am looking for the breeder. Her name is Kelly Moody, and her Husband's name is Morris. My gliders name is Lily, she is about 3 or 4 years old, along with 2 other gliders Chip and Holly. We last talked to them about a year ago. I cant offer a reward, but I would be forever indebted to the person who can find my Lily.
My name is Cassie Hibbeler, and my e-mail adress is [email protected]
Found Sugar glider In Monroe Washington.Up Mt forsest Blvd. 9-23-05
[email protected]
Please help us! While transporting two rare Cotswold lambs from Plainwell to Howell on Saturday, September 3, the trailers sliding door become unlatched and the lambs escaped. We are heart sick. These lambs are only four months old. They are wearing yellow ear tags with the numbers 00020 and 00024. As stated they are VERY RARE Cotswold lambs. They have long wavy wool that hangs in wavy locks. They were lost somewhere between the U.S. 131 exit at
Bradley (Chief Noonday Road) and Howell. The route taken was M-43 through Hastings and on to Howell.

Please use what means you and your organization has to spread the word of these lost lambs. We do not know if they left the trailer together or separately. These young sheep have white wool, weigh about 50 - 60 pounds and have recently had their tails docked, thus the wool at the very tip of the tail has been recently shaved. They were also recently neutered. If seen, PLEASE contact Liz Crowdery at (517) 545-8868 or e-mail address
[email protected]
Or Gracie Dailey at (616) 382-6000.

Gracie Dailey
Nine Oaks Farm

Lost our family pet bobcat at government camp Oregon June 10th we hired professional track dog and it is indicated he was picked up about 1/4 mile away wearing harness bell collar leadrope and id tag he is avid microchipped and on the missing list there along with all state authorities he is 42 pounds 24 inches high 36 long he will approach people looking for affection
and food please help us find our baby
[email protected]

Name: Max
Species: Maximillian Pionus
Date Missing: Oct 29, 2005
Location: Lompoc California, last seen flying South Westerly direction over Lutheran church on "G" Street and North Avenue.
Height: 12 inches
Head Feathers: Black edged with white
Body Feathers: Green
Chest Feathers: Dark plumb - can look black
Tail Feathers: underside is red with blue feathers on outer edge.
Please call (905)736-26750 or (805)736-6549
My bird's name is Lacey she flew out of our back door in Feb.2005 we lived in Lake Worth,Texas. We believe she is a female but we never had her tested because she was our family pet, not a breeder. We have set up a $200.00 dollar reward. She is green with a gray breast and forehead, and extremely tame.

Thank you very much,

Christy Mills
13130 Liberty School Rd.
Azle Texas 76020
[email protected]



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