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AlbertaExotics - Alberta Canada Exotics Mailing List

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This is a list dedicated to all Albertans (And any body else!) who raise, keep, own, or just plain love exotic pets. *We will discuss animals such as: Black Bear Hamsters, Spiny Mice, Flying Squirrels, Sugar Gliders, Foxes, Bengals and other hybrid cats, Servals, Caracals, Primates, and much more. *We will also look at the legal issues regarding keeping exotics. Alberta has some of the most restricted laws dealing with the
keeping of exotics, and this is something we want to change. *We also expect to see posts about all exotic related activities such as auctions, events, shows, or anything to do with exotics. *Please keep messages appropriate for all ages of people, and no flaming. We do accept posts regarding the sale of animals, and animal supplies providing that they come from breeders, and hobbyists, not petstores, or other commercial operations.

For more information, mailto:[email protected]

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This list is dedicated to the breeders of exotic birds, such as those in the Parrot family (Amazons, Greys, Cockatoos, Macaws, Lovebirds, etc.). Also cockatiels, Ringneck Parakeets, Lories and Lorikeets, Finches, Lovebirds, Budgies, and much more. ALL Bird breeders and Bird buyers/sellers are welcome here. Also welcome are those people/companies that have bird-related merchandise for sale, such as cages, feed, breeder boxes, toys, books, and the like. Come and share your knowledge on breeding, ask questions, and advertise your handfed babies and breeding stock available for purchase! Tell us about your bird merchandise available. A File Sharing area is available for uploading your images of your birds and merchandise for other list members to view.
Birds4Sale_SouthEast - Exptic Bird Sales in South Eastern United States

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This is a mailing list for bird breeders and general public wishing to list exotic birds for sale in Southeast, USA. Territory to include (Though not exclusively): FL, AL, GA, MS, LA, SC and TN.

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Provided by Bird Gardens as a place for Aviculturists, Pet birders, and anyone sharing an interest or curiosity about Exotic Birds. Post bulletins offer advise, asking advise, sharing stories as well as Pet and breeder birds for trade or sale.
For more information, mailto:[email protected]
ESM-Barter-Pages - Exotic Small Animal Barter

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This list is a branch off of Exotic-Small-Mammals and is for the purpose of trading Small exotic mammals between members of the list. this list will be moderated to insure no spamming. Please put the animal in the subject line Like: hedgehog female/trade for gerbil or hedgehog female/for sell. This will allow the people who are not interested in hedgehogs to delete the post. If replying to a post put reply in the subject line. This list is open subscription and child safe.
If you are looking for a animal put:
Looking for (species)/to buy - i.e. Looking for Hedgehog/To buy
ExoticAnimals-4-Sale - http://www.egroups.com/subscribe.cgi/ExoticAnimals-4-Sale
This is yet another resource for those seeking to purchase or list exotic animals for sale, trade, breeder's co-op loan, or barter. This is not a list for the advertisements of domesticated pets. From elephants to mice, all exotic owners are welcome to advertise their needs here. All animal transactions are between buyer and seller, and proper permits and licensing is a must. Any offer of endangered species on this list is contingent upon conditions set forth in the Endangered Species Act. Please, while some discussion is tolerated, the primary purpose of this list is to function as a free classified service. With that said, we welcome you to join us.
Fennec Fox Mailing List

This list is for anyone interested in discussing Fennec Foxes, their care and habits, for finding breeders, and for just telling stories. No spamming of flaming is allowed on this list. For sale (Fennec Fox) posts always welcome.

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herpads - Herp and Exotic Animal Trade Ads

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List created for sale and trade ads for ALL herps and exotic animals and related hardware/supplies, established 2/19/98. Please conduct ALL transactions via private e-mail off the list. Novices, hobbyists, breeders, wholesalers and dealers are urged to post ads. Ads can be for sale, wanted, for trade, etc., as long as it pertains to herps and/or other such exotics, or equipment, hardware and dry goods. Please post pertinent info, i.e. contact
info, locale, shippability, etc. List owner is not responsible for any message content or any transactions as a result of any messages posted on this list.
For more information, http://www.sfo.com/~exotics

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Hybred cats mailing list is for all breeders owners and fanciers of wild/domestic cross and exotic cats. For sale ads are allowed as well as info on rescue of exotic felines. All subject pertaining to exotic and hybred cats allowed. Come join the largest hybred mailing list on the web.
For more information, http://members.aol.com/worldcats/hybredcats.htm
NCanimals - North Carolina Animal Trade List

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This List is for anyone in North Carolina that has animals for sale, trade, free
or wanted. All kinds of animals welcome, farm, exotic, pets, fish, bugs, etc.....
Animal related stuff also welcome. Thank You
TX-Exotic-Barter - Texas Exotic Animals For Sale, Trade or Loan

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For the buying, selling, trading or breeding loans of exotic animals in the
state of Texas. Animals may be pets, game animals, display animals or
educational animals. Posts should indicate species, number, gender and age
of available animals. Parties interested in animals posted should ONLY
contact the seller by private email, rather then post their interest to the list.
Most exotic animals for sale, trade, loan, etc. may require a USDA license
and endangered animals require a USDI license. The list owner is not
responsible for any transactions. No personal attacks on anyone tolerated!
No posts on the ethics of keeping animals or animal rights posts allowed as
they are off topic. List is for mostly for mammals, but posts of birds and
reptiles are allowed.

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