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A note about Usenet and why NAPA doesn't list animal related Usenet groups

Altpet Mailing List

National Alternative Pet Association mailing list to help coordinate the efforts of volunteers as well as exchange news, information and ideas. No flames! This is for efforts in educating people to be better exotic pet owners, not a forum for bashing owners, breeders, pet shops, exporters, etc.
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We support animal care ,WE DO NOT SUPPORT ANIMAL RIGHTS GROUPS.If you raise any kind of animal,farm,fish,hunt,own any type of animal,have any kind of pets,enjoy 101 Dalmatians,enjoy eating meat,think ARA groups are out of hand and out to cause trouble then join here.Sick of being told it is cruel to own your pet Poodle ,join here and sound off about it.
Want to know proper care of any animal from dogs to pigeons to goats and quails then join in.
We welcome everyone and lively debate,but prefer not to have any fowl language so try to keep it clean and do not make personal attacks on individuals.
Also if you want to trade (meat) recipies feel free.
Animals that we own and raise and care for are not abused or mistreated.It is not cruel to eat a hamburger.It is not cruel to milk a goat or own a cat or dog or chicken as a pet.
Stop the Insanity now .
Recipies, stories, questions, problems are all welcomed topics here.
If you love Dalmatians visit the link below
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Animal Network

[email protected]

sub ANIMALNET-L <your name>

The "Arachnids" mailing list is for discussion of any and all topics dealing
with arachnids (bet that's a surprise, eh? <g>) Husbandry, breeding,
taxonomy....anything. Everyone's welcome - novice or expert, layperson or
academic, first-time owner or lifelong arachnophile. Join the group and join
the fun!

Group Moderator: [email protected]

To subscribe, send a message to [email protected] or
go to this e-group's home page at
This list is dedicated to discussing health, general care and disease prevention issues pertaining to exotic birds / parrots. For interest to breeders / aviculturists and parrot owners who have a specific interest in learning more about appropriate care, recent developments in bird-specific research about nutrition and care. No flaming tolerated.
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For both small and large barnyards. Sharing information and stories on all types of farm animals. Farm animals include goats,chickens,ducks, geese, pigs, sheep,llamas,dogs, cats, pheasants, quail, rabbits,exotics....etc. This list is for all aspects showing, meat, eggs, and making income. May post animals for sale, no culls. Please be repectful to other members. No bad language or flaming will be tolerated.
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A list for the discussion of the bengal breed of cats, for breeders, admirers
and owners.

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For more information, mailto:[email protected]
Bird Keepers Maillist

Bird Keepers Maillist - Leave subject & message area blank. They also
have a website:
California Exotic Animal Legislation Mailing List

[email protected]

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For the discussion of laws and legislation effecting private ownership of exotic animals in the state of California. Including legislation dealing with birds, reptiles, ferrets, hedgehogs, sugar gliders, prairie dogs,
hooved animals (hoofstock), large and small exotic felines, wolfdogs or any other animal. This is a pro-exotic mailing list for responsible private ownership of exotic animals or alternative pets of all kinds. If you have knowledge of ANY bills effecting exotic animal ownership in the state of California, please tell our list members! The best way to fight unfair legislation is to let as many people know about it as possible.

Note to CA Fish & Game Dept. The list moderator lives in Texas and WILL NOT devulge names of ANY people keeping exotics in CA, so don't EVEN ask her or threaten her. Any and all threats or harassment from the CA Fish & Game Dept or any other CA state entity will be publicly posted at the National Alternative Pet Association website. Many list members may be from other states who support the effort to legalize private ownership of exotics in California as well.

A cavy (guinea pig) can make a wonderful, loving animal companion. Guinea pigs are very sociable animals and must be given a lot of attention. In their natural habitat guinea pigs live in family groups. In order to have a happy guinea pig it is best to get two guinea pigs to provide companionship to one another.
Whether you are a breeder, a rescuer, a companion, a veterinarian, or you have a new found interest in cavies (guinea pigs) you are free to join this list and chat about guinea pigs (cavies!)
Profiles of our subscribers WILL NOT be made available to subscribers of this list through the List Center. This is to protect your privacy.
We will all work together! The list owner is Carolyn Mullin at [email protected]
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[email protected]

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subscribe chinmail-digest <Your_email_address>

This is a list for people who have any type of Coatimundi for a pet, but mostly White-Nosed Coati's or Nasua Narica. It's to share information about, learn about, & help anyone who has anything to do with

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For more information, mailto: [email protected]

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The purpose of this list is to promote all of the following endeavors: 1.
To sharing the value of such birds with others. 2. To promote the value
of corvids in aviculture via: a.) educating people about the availability of
legal-to-keep non-native crow family birds, and b.) advocacy for
legalizing into private aviculture native-to-the-US crow family birds, in a
similar manner perhaps as the native "game" birds and raptors, which
are legal in private aviculture. Crow aviculturists from outside the US
are welcome as well. 3. To sharing our experiences of helping crows,
both through official rehabilitation, and through informal assistance. 4.
To sharing our experiences of interaction with crows, whether by
feeding, or helping, or watching. Keywords: crow, raven, magpie, jay,
rook, jackdaw, magpie-jay, crows, ravens, magpies, jays, rooks,
jackdaws, magpie-jays, aviculture, breeding, breeders, NutCrackers,
Choughs, nutcracker, chough.
Declining Amphibians Mailing list
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Degu Mailing List

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HI This is a list for Duprasi Lovers. There are not to many people out there yet, but if your one of them, chat here about them. This list might be extremly slow at first : ) Gina
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Eastern Cougar

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Exotic Mammals

A forum to discuss and share information about husbandry, nutrition, housing and mental wellbeing of captive exotics. Discussion of the above. This list is NOT intended to be a platform for those against animals in captivity and those using it for this reason will be removed. Animals that are available
for sale or breeder loan may be listed but not 'advertised'.

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Smallexotics -
A list for those who own, breed or just wish to learn about the small unusual and exotic mammals available as pets. It does not include any simians or any pet commonly over 5lbs. The mammals discussed include (but is not limited to)Duprasi, Degu, Pygmy mice, African spiny mice, Gambian Pouched rats, Chinchillas, and Dormice. I am sure you get the idea. Let's have some fun and learn from each other. Always remember: there is no such thing as a stupid question. Only unasked ones. Be patient with each other.
For more information, mailto:[email protected]

Exotic-small-mammals -
This is a list for the discussion of small exotic mammals. Such animals as Dormice both European and African, Flying Squirrels, Siberian Chipmunks, Prairie Dogs, North American Chipmunks, Pikas, Coati's and any other exotic mammal. Flames will not be tolerated and no non topic discussions. If you want to spam, find another list. Any threats of violence will get you banned from the list. This is a non-moderated list at this time. Lets keep it that way. If the need arises I will moderate the list.
For more information,

Exotic_Animals -
Anybody who has a pet that doesn't just fit into the "average" pet category can join. This includes rats, ferrets, skunks, squirrels, PD's, iguana's, almost anything! If you only have a cat or dog or nothing at all, you can still join as long as you have an interest in exotics. Please join.
For more information, mailto:[email protected]

Exotic Pets -
This list is for anyone who owns an exotic as a pet, can be any species.The list is intended to educate people of the personalities and traits of exotics,before they rush out to buy an expensive animal,and find that they made a mistake. I'm sure this
will be a very helpful list, Dan Large

ExoticLove -
This is for exotic animal lovers everywhere. Come and talk about the crazy and silly things your exotic animal does and share your fun with others with similar tastes. Moderated by Dr. Billie Boyd, a veterinarian that also loves exotic animals, and who will be happy to discuss health issues of your pets.
For more information,

Exotics -
For the discussion of sugar gliders & other small exotics as pets.
For more information,

Exotic Bird

[email protected]

sub EXOTIC-L <your name>

New Felines-L mailing list (Exotic Cats)
[email protected]

and in ther body of the message (not the subject) put
subscribe felines-l
subscribe felines-l-digest
Fennec Fox Mailing List

This list is for anyone interested in discussing Fennec Foxes, their care and habits, for finding breeders, and for just telling stories. No spamming of flaming is allowed on this list. For sale (Fennec Fox)
posts always welcome.

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Ferret Mailing List - FML

[email protected]

You can join this group by sending the message

sub FERRET <your name>
Frog-Net Mailing list is an anuran behavior and neural mechanism mailing list

To Subscribe: [email protected]
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subscribe frog-net <yourfirstname> <yourlastname>
Gecko Mailing list

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subscribe GECKO <your full name>
Gerbil Discussion List

To Subscribe: [email protected]

sub GERBILS <your name>
[email protected]

This list is to inform, educate, and discuss the Gambian Giant Pouched Rats.
Gorilla Keepers (zookeeper related)

Subscribe to the Gorilla Keepers Maillist - Leave subject & message area blank.
The Hedgehog Mailing List
To join the Hedgehog Email List:
Send a message to: [email protected]
In the message body put: subscribe hedgehog-mail
In the message body put: subscribe hedgehog-mail [email protected]
where [email protected] is your email address.

See the Hedgehog Mailing List Webpage for more.
This is a list for people who are interested in various varieties of hedgehogs as pets and for breeding. This is the new pet of the nineties! Share your experiences, both bad and good with us!

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Iguanas Mailing List

To Subscribe: [email protected]
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subscribe iguanas-digest
LionTamarin - restricted

This is a restricted list for owners of all kinds of Lion Tamarins not belonging to a breeding program. Being as endangered as they are there owners have got to take hand in enlarging the genetic pool and exchanging their knowledge and experience.
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Llamas and Alpacas

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For any and all lovers of Macaques. We invite you to describe, discuss and despair with us over the most wondrous of our Primate cousins. Macaques are the most successful primate on earth, not including Man. Who are they? Where do they come from? What can they teach us? How can we help them? How did I get so Lucky as to Live with one? And....Why are they so darn Cute? Are people getting sick of hearing you say how Wonderful your macaque is? We'll listen. This list is for lovers, not haters. Not for people who disagree with primates living in loving homes with their humans. No flaming or rudeness or whining allowed!! Dedicated to the health & well-being of all primates and the special love of Macaques!
For more information:
mailto:[email protected]
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A discussion list for all PET mouse owners/breeders

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This is a list about monkeys and other primates. Anyone who has pet monkeys or works with primates, or if just interested in them can discuss their experience or ask questions here. This is not a forum for debating on whether or not monkeys should be kept as pets, it is a place to exchange ideas about care and anything to do with primates and their behavior.
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For more information, mailto:[email protected]

The Monkey Maillist is an open discussing list. If you would like to talk with other monkey owners than this is the place to be.
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For more information,

This is a list for primate owners or people considering adding a primate to their family. Photos and attachments are allowed and very welcome. Please be kind to one another, as fighting will not be allowed. Topics may include anything related to primates (an occasional family pet other than primate is okay). Any questions concerning breeders, buying, selling, etc. of primates are welcome, but please send all responses to these questions via private e-mail.
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(note: One of the most pet primate owner friendly lists)


PrimatePenPals [PPP] is an on-line community of people who share their lives with socialized non-human primates. The main goal is to provide education, support and friendship amongst members and to help them enrich the lives of the primates in their care. Membership to the PPP is limited to those who own primates and those with extensive primate experience who support private ownership of non-human primates. If you currently share your life with non-human primates and would like to join the list please go to the website below and fill out the form provided there. Please note: Only primary email addresses will be considered for new PPP membership. Email addresses using services like hotmail, excite, yahoo, ect. will not be approved by the list manager unless you are referred to PPP by a current subscriber. You may later switch to one of these servers after your subscription has been approved.
For more information:
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This is an information and support list for people who are considering adding a monkey [non-human primate] to their family. This is a decision that should be preceded by extensive research on primates and the level of responsibility required to own one.
Living with a monkey is not easy. It can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life or the biggest disaster your family has ever faced. The impact on the monkey's life is even more important to consider. Monkeys are social animals that form strong bonds with their human caregivers and they can live up to 50 years.
This list includes people who own socialized and caged monkeys and are experienced primate caretakers. They will honestly answer your questions and help direct you to where you can get information you need to make an informed decision BEFORE you buy a monkey.
This is not intended as an entertainment list. Young people are welcome to join but are expected to post with maturity that is comparable to the other members. Monkeys are not for children and neither is this list.
This list is for people who support responsible private ownership of primates. It is not a vehicle for harassment of any primate owner or group and is carefully monitored for offensive posts.
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eGroups: alloprimate list is almost entirely anti-private-ownership-of-primates and the only use is has for private owners of primates is for lurking and listening to what the extremists are saying or what legislation they are pushing. There are a very few known pet owners lurking there, but one rarely sees any support for them.
There is no link to this list here. If you want to join, go to and look it up.
One Voice

One Voice is an Alliance created by like minded people from all aspects of life who realize the length to which the various Animal Rights Groups have been allowed to interfere with our sports, commerce, research, commercial and personal use of animals. We resent the loss of individual responsibility for our chattel and intrusive legislation that encumbers our freedom as individuals and assigns legal rights to animals. Being of like mind and realizing that animal business and our Sports are all minorities, and as such, are vulnerable to future adverse legislation promoted by the true minority, Animal Rights Agendist, we as One Voice chose to unite. We have seen enough intrusion into our lives and the lives of others by Animal Activists that we were moved to and created this Alliance to oppose any adverse animal legislation local, State, or Federal. Laws already in place protect animals that are threatened with extinction and regulate their safety and humane treatment. We argue that additional adverse legislation would be redundant and useless. We argue that one reason many Animal Protection and Rights Organizations exist is to promote their own monetary gain to sustain their respective organizations and the human creature comforts which the funds of these organizations provide them. Animals enjoy better protection under the law than Humans in many cases. The animal protection agencies and terrorist groups will never be satisfied with laws as they exist. To say the law is right and well, would put them out of business and their officers out of work. One Voice SAYS ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!!!! We ally with all the diverse and varied individuals and organizations that hunt, fish, farm, ride, show, eat, raise, trap, hold as pets, research, breed, commercially or privately produce or harvest our wild and domestic animals. Our combined numbers is to be a very real tool of power. We will not falter on any issue, we will bring all our numbers as 1Voice.
For more information,
prairie dog - moderated - restricted
All about our love for prairie-dogs and sharing the experiences and freindships we have all gained. This list has an active PD Vet. on it
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Pygmy Goats

4PygmyGoats - Subscribe At:

All about pygmy goats! Information, for sale, and just plain fun!
For more information, mailto:[email protected]


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Rare Livestock

Discussion list for breeders, owners, fanciers of rare livestock including poultry, cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, horses. Many of the breeds were developed for small farm and homesteading situations rather than confinement set-ups. Some of the breeds endangered include the Clydesdale horse, the British Longhorn cattle, the Tunis sheep, the Saddleback pig. Also discussion of livestock breeds that have become extinct due to crossbreeding (being absorbed into other breeds), loss of work (example...the Conestoga horse).
Historical, care, selection, use in today's world are all topics to discuss. Subscribe At:
REAL - Realistic Exotic Animal Law

REAL is dedicated to the discussion of laws, regulations, and other issues related to the keeping of exotic animals.

To subscribe, send mail to --> [email protected]
with anything for the subject, in the BODY of the message put --> subscribe REAL

Mail intended for the group
should be addressed to: -->[email protected]
and it will be distributed immediately to those on the list.

If you change your mind later, or change your mail address, etc., you can again send mail to [email protected] and "unsubscribe real" and then subscribe with your new address. A summary of commands will be sent to you when you subscribe.

You can subscribe instead to REAL-DIGEST and receive one mailing per day (if there is anything to send) with all the mail received that

Questions? Please mail [email protected]
Note, 'major' is an automated process, do not send correspondence there as it will just result in returning a 'help' file to you. Major only responds to subscribe, unsubscribe, and other digest commands that will be explained to you in your signup acknowledgement.

Send mail to [email protected] with a blank subject line and the following command as the first (and only) line of the message body:

subscribe petbunny <your name>

[email protected]
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subscribe raptors <Your_email_address>
The Rat List

The Rat List is a free mailing list in English covering all kinds of rats-related topics. It has been created by R.A.T. Belgium. Everybody is welcome!

If you want to subscribe to the Rat List, please go to

You can also subscribe by visiting our homepage at

FancyRats -
For rat enthusiasts around the world. Breeders and pet owners welcome. For information on housing, breeding, nutrition, health and more. To share stories about your rats, find breeders in your area, announce show dates/locations and show results.

Ratandmouse -
This list is for those people who are interested in raising, breeding, selling, and learning all about rats and mice. I have been raising and breeding rats and mice for pets and feeders for quite some time. If you would like to find out more about these wonderful creatures, join our mailing list! Please, keep your language clean and make this a great source of information for all!

Ratgenetics -
This list is for everyone wishing to discus genetics, health and other issues concerning rat owners, breeders. This is NOT a list for those with snakes who want to discuss feeding methods. Please be aware that this list is for the thick skinned. We all have different opinions/ideas about the way we conduct ourselves. Everyone deserves the freedom to air their ideas. Abusive language will not be tolorated however.
You love rats? Here is the place to share your rattie experiences, care, health, nutrition, stories, anything related to rats.

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For owners, breeders, brokers, fanciers of rodents as pets, feeder animals, educational animals or any other thing that rodents are kept for. Includes fancy rats, fancy mice, exotic species of rats and mice, degus, gerbils, duprasi, etc. Husbandry, breeding, culling and euthinization methods may be a topic, so this list may not be for the faint hearted. This is a list for people who are serious about their rodents. This site is not open to debate on the ethics of animal keeping.

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Sea Turtle Biology and Conservation Mailing list
To Subscribe: [email protected]
In the body of the message put

subscribe CTURTLE <your name>
Short-Tail Opossum Mailing List

Short Tailed Opossum Mailing List Website
Skunks maillist - [email protected]


This list is for the fight and legalization of the domestic skunk.
SLITHER - For the open discussion of all types of snakes

To Subscribe: [email protected]
In the body of the message put

subscribe slither

To Subscribe to the Digest form:

In the body of the message put

subscribe slither-digest
This is is created to gather those with experience about keeping Slow Loris as pets. As the Web has very limited infomation on them, we can only depend on ourselves.
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This mailing list is for those of you who enjoy squirrels, flying squirrels, prairie dogs,
chipmunks, or groundhogs (woodchucks). You don't have to have the above animals
as pets to join this list; this is for enthusiasts as well. Primarily, we will be talking about
members of the squirrel family.

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Sugar Gliders

[email protected]
Use this command in the body of your email message:

subscribe glider-digest <Your_email_address>

SugarGlider Mailing List

Sugar glider talk list: discussion on proper care, advice and stories for experienced, new, and prospective owners of these cute marsupials.

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If you're interested in Sugar Gliders, you've come to the right place! Aside from two basic rules (no flaming and keep it PG), this list is very flexible and definitely active. So sometimes we get a little off topic but the common bond is Sugar Gliders. We share information about the proper care (diet, housing, breeding, etc.) of these adorable creatures and talk about the joys of sharing our lives with them.
This list allows personal ads to sell or trade Sugar Gliders in addition to rescue issues. Pictures are also welcome.
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TX-Exotic - Texas Exotic Animal Mailing List

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For exotic animal owners, breeders, exotic game ranchers, brokers, pet dealers, etc. In other words, ANYONE involved in the exotic animal industry in some way in the state of Texas. If you don't like a certain faction of the industry, just don't respond to the posts from that group. This list is for sharing information on husbandry, diet, management (large scale or small), legislation issues and other topics on exotic animals that effect Texans in this industry.
No personal attacks allowed and no attacks on the ethics of keeping exotic animals! Remember, if we fight among ourselves, how can we stand together to protect our rights?

See also - TX-Exotic-Barter
Uromastyx (Spiny-tails)

To Subscribe: [email protected]
In the body of the message put

subscribe UROMASTYX <your full name >
Wallaby -
For pet owners of these marsupials: wallaby, kangaroo, wallaroo, suger gliders, etc. Trade information and stories, and a resource for those trying to find help!
Water Dragon Mailing list

To Subscribe: [email protected]
In the body of the message put

subscribe waterdragon <your full name >

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Wildcats and Hybrids
Discussions on care, feeding and all aspects of wild/exotic cats and their hybrids. Litter announcements and classifieds are also welcome.

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Wildlife Rescue/Rehab Mailing list

This list encourages valuable information on the husbandry or keeping of exotics or non-releasable wildlife, as well as information for wildlife rehabers. This list is NOT an animal rights forum and is NOT for people to pass judgment over others on the ethics of keeping animals of any kind. No animals may be listed for sale, but adoption of exotics or non-releasable wildlife by those with the proper permits is encouraged. Note that rehab applies to either wildlife being returned to the wild, exotic pets being retrained/socialized for adoption or blind, crippled, etc. animals who are being taught how to live with their handicap. (ie. physical rehab) Zookeepers, exotic pet owners, wildlife rehabers, those involved in captive breeding programs, rescue groups and those who enjoy working with animals are welcome.

Subscribe At:

Wildlife Rehab Mailing list

Anti-Pet, Rude and not a good place to ask exotic pet questions. Rather then get useful information, you are apt to get animal rights rantings. Best to let them think its a wild animal being rehabed if you wish to get anything other then flames from this group. Very political and monitored by animal rights groups.

[email protected]

Wolfdog List

Subscribe At:

Anything reguarding wolfdogs / wolf hybreds. Their care, breeding, rescue, legislation or anything else pretaining to wolf hybreds. Advertising cubs/pups or adults for sale or adoption is okay, but try not to post the same advertisment more then once a week to reduce spam. Please keep the fighting off the list and even if you are against breeding, do not make attacks on individual breeders or brokers as this may be concidered slanderous or harrassment and thus illegal. Please try to show tolerance and intelligence in discussions..
Zoos and Zookeepers

Zoo-biology mailing list

Zoo News - This is a weekly newsletter of zoo-related happenings. Ask to be added to the mailing list.

Enrichment Listserv - This is an AZA keeper's mailing list. Just ask to be added. - email: [email protected]

Bird Keepers

To join the list, you can either send a blank email to :
[email protected]
or go to the list homepage:
You can also view the list archives there.
Thanks - Jeremy Taylor - Aviary Keeper, Disney's Animal Kingdom
(Please note- the list is an independant undertaking, and is in no way associated with or sponsored by Disney)


Are you a zookeeper? Do you want to be one? Do you just love exotic animals and want to learn more about them? This list is for anything related to professional zookeeping, from enviromental enrichment ideas to health care to on the job hazards working with various species. Also a place in which to share knowledge on both animal care directly to locations of schools that teach zookeeping. Please do not flame others and avoid talking about the ethics of keeping animals, as this is
not an animal rights forum. Private Exotic animal owners welcome to come and share knowledge, so that we may all learn from each other for the good of all animals in our care.

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