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Shelter, Rescue and/or Adoption Groups

Michael Curry
[email protected]
The Ferret Protection & Welfare Society
(Ferret PAWS Inc)
Charlesville Road
Plenty Victoria, Australia
shelter phone: 03 9436 1893
(international: +61-3-9436-1893)
Drs. Cutter, Pamment, Anderson
The Lort Smith Animal Hospital
24 Villiers St Nth
Australia, 3051
Total ferrets in shelter: 21
Adoptable ferrets: 4
Sick or injured: 6
Needing vaccinations: 3
Adopted since last update: 38
Unpaid vet bills: $218 (Aus)
Permanent residents: 3
Being rehabilitated: 17
Needing spay/neuter: 1
Recent deaths: 2
Taken in since last update: ???
Unpaid shelter bills: $168 (Aus)
Updated from FML: 12-27-98
Just some info about the shelter/society, etc:
As I work as a vet nurse and have a few vet friends, we generally get vet treatment cheaply (I usually just pay for drugs/materials). Therefore funding for vets bills is rarely a problem (although ever present!!) We generally get about 20 ferrets per week in the breeding
season (few desex ferrets in Oz) and only about 3-5 in the other months. We desex, vaccinate, ivomec and Frontline EVERY ferret that comes through, and of the hundreds of ferrets we see we have only put about 10 to sleep ever, and only a handful have died from medical problems.
Expenses are paid from my own pocket and not from the society generally
Wish List:
1/ People who tried to actually help instead of causing problems.
2/ Our cages back from the people who stole them.
3/ Some spare time :-)