Exotic Animal/Alternative Pet

Shelter, Rescue and/or Adoption Groups

Sharlene Scheffer - [email protected]
Cavy World Guinea Pig Rescue
22706 Bayview Ave
Hayward, CA 94541
Non-profit status (paperwork nearly complete)
VetCare Emergency and Specialist Center (multiple vets)
7660 Amador Valley Blvd
Dublin, CA 94568
additional vet
Ben Otten DVM
Montclair Veterinary Hospital
1961 Mountain Blvd.
Oakland, CA 94611
Current residents: Over 200 (Changes daily) ALL guinea pigs
Adoptable :150
Permanent residents: 50
(due to advanced age, medical problems, etc)
Animals under medical care: 5
(treating at home, I am a registered vet tech)
animals needing surgery : None at this time
Recent deaths: 2
(apparently they were sick when taken in as they died only 2
days after admittance)
Unpaid vet bills :$200
(estimate, some charges have not been billed yet)
Animals needing sponsors: 200+
( I currently support the entire rescue from my salary as a vet tech.
Over half my income goes toward the guinea pigs)
Other unpaid bills $200
(estimate, have not been billed for last food order)
Guinea pigs do not need vaccines, but often have lice or mites and
require injections or oral doses of ivermectin, an over the counter
anti-parasitic drug ($50 a bottle)
In addition to cash donations, Cavy World is also in need of :
Guinea pig pellets (though I get this at reduced cost so it is probably more cost effective if I purchase it.) They eat approx 200 pounds a week.
Hay (oat, wheat or timothy...no alfalfa please)
Wooden houses or plastic igloos
Water bottles (32 oz is best but can use smaller ones)
Large cages with deep pans and no wire floors
Ceramic food bowls

Thank you very much
Sharlene Scheffer RVT
Cavy World Guinea Pig Rescue

Angela Carrigan - [email protected]
Angela's Rabbit and Small Animal Adoptions
19301-C Saticoy Street
Reseda, Ca 91335
Animal Birth Control
11314 Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA
Dr Debra Klumb
West Valley Pet Clinic
22430 Ventura Blvd
Woodland Hills, CA
Total pets in Shelter (specify species): 14 rabbits, 2 guinea pigs, 1 hamster
Adoptable pets: 13 rabbits, 2 guinea pigs, 1 hamster
Sick pets: 1 rabbit with upper respiratory problems
Needing Vaccines: 0 vaccines not needed
Being Sponsored: 2 rabbits currently sponsored
Adopted since January 1, 00: 23 rabbits, 3 guinea pigs
Unpaid Vet Bills: $0 (I pay as a I go on credit cards)
Permanent Residents: 1 rabbit, Popeye
Being Rehabilitated: 2 rabbits being resocialized,
1 ill (rabbit with upper respiratory)
Needing Surgery: 2 female rabbits still needing to be spayed
Recent Deaths since January 1, 00: 2, one unweaned
baby rabbit, one rat who didn't recover from surgery to remove a huge tumor
Needing Sponsors: 10 rabbits, 2 guinea pigs, 1 hamster
Taken In since January 1, 00: 33 rabbits, 2 guinea pigs, 1 rat
Unpaid Shelter Bills: $0 (money to pay bills comes from my pocket)
Wish List-
Our shelter goes through toys the fastest. Especially wooden toys. Toys for rabbits like plastic baby keys or acrylic bird toys, wooden toys, treats and toys from Busy Bunny.com or Bunny Bytes.com, cardboard boxes for bunnies to play in, etc.
Hildy Langewis - [email protected]
California Domestic Ferret Association
Address: P.O. Box 1991, Los Altos, CA 94023-1991
650 917-0346
Non-Profit Info (Tax EIN#, DLN#, etc. if Avail. ): Pending
We are statewide and work with
dozens of veterinarians
Adoption data: All ferrets are transported to out-of-state homes, approximately 200 / year.
The Calif Domestic Ferret Association (CDFA) is the only licensed ferret rescue organization in Calif. Although there are many folks helping ferrets in California, we are the only group working with the Dept of Fish & Game; we are responsible for safely transporting ferrets from animal control agencies, humane societies, and the Dept of Fish & Game. In some areas we are required to hire a commercial carrier to transport the ferret(s). This expense is paid by the CDFA, and we depend on generous individuals to help us financially. Other services include veterinary referral service, advice, hotline, etc. Funds are needed to hire a courier, when needed, usually in S. California.
Ferrets are transported to a Las Vegas ferret shelter. Cost per transport $200 - $500, depending on pickup location in California. Donations are also used to fund our website http://www.cdfa.com/
Medical expenses are covered by individuals and by FerretWare
Health care and vaccinations are provided before the ferret are transported.

Info: [email protected]
or call: 650 917-0346

Hildy Langewis
CDFA Rescue Coordinator

Llama RescueNet
PO Box 291
Dexter, OR 97431
Volunteer to: [email protected] or [email protected]
For emergency assistance or consultation call (541) 937-2507, (541) 988-3170
or (707) 259-1603
Send donations to: Llama RescueNet, PO Box 291, Dexter, OR 97431
For more information you can check out our temporary website address at:
We operate in both California and Oregon.
Share Bond - [email protected]
S.K.U.N.K.S. (Society of Kind Understanding for Not Killing Skunks)
P. U. Box 82, Topanga, CA 90290
Non-Profit Info : DL#N5268372, unincorporated non-profit with CA. Under
umbrella of 501(c)3 for National Endowment for Animal Rights.
EIN for each business
Chris Cauble, Mobile Vet
820 Thompson Ave., Unit 2, Glendale, CA 91201
Sick pets: 1 (one needs a complete blood work-up, & other exploratory)
Needing Vaccines: 6, plus all new orphans/injureds this coming season
Being Sponsored: 3
Permanent Residents: 6
Being Rehabilitated: 6, next month we'll start getting all the ones in need of rehab
Needing Sponsors: 10, plus new ones this coming season
Unpaid Shelter Bills: No money in savings to cover emergencies. Tapped out from other vet bills.
Updated: 3-30-99
I do wild & domestic skunk rescue, rehabilitation, education, release studies, and fight for their rights. Last year we got in 106 skunks. 6 died within 24 hrs., 90 released back into the wild, and 7 unreleasables went to educators & good homes, 1 staying with me, 2 need placing.

Our wish list: heating pads (very high on the list!!!!), microscope, stethoscope, van and/or pick-up truck (preferably running), pet carriers,
hanging water bottles, Esbilac, Strongid-T liquid/flavored wormer, Pet-Tab vitamins, Nutrical (lots), pet nursers & lots of the long nipples, xerox

I am pretty much doing this alone, and it is extremely difficult to earn money when feeding an assemblyline of tiny orphan skunks every other hour 24
hrs./day up to every four hours. (Does anyone live in Los Angeles???) I barely scrape by, many times waiting in homeless food lines just so I can eat
because all my money goes to feed them the healthiest food.

I also write two newsletters, teach seminars around the nation to offset wildlife rehab symposium expenses, do fundraising events (make many skunk
items to sell), teach at schools, libraries, etc., writing articles and book, and manage to handle the heavy phone lines helping people with skunk advice, mostly how to coexist with backyard wildlife problems.
Suni Parker, [email protected]
SunFerret Shelter & Rescue
P.O. Box 443
Ferndale, CA 95540
(707) 725-3703
Legion of SuperFerrets
Northern CA Division
Ferndale Veterinary
1140 Van Ness
Ferndale CA 95536
Total ferrets in shelter: 15
Adoptable ferrets: 3 (to a home outside CA!)
Sick or injured: 4
Needing vaccinations: 1
Needing sponsors: 3
Adopted out in April: 2
Unpaid vet bills: $1900
Permanent residents: 6
Needing spay/neuter: 1
Needing surgery: 3
Taken in in May: 3
Unpaid shelter bills: $300
Updated from FML: 12-27-98
It all comes out of my own pocket except for the few donations I've greatfully received. Current donations for the year are approx. $200. We in over our heads and still sinking.

Wish List: Vet bill paid off! Any kind heart(s) wishing to donate can send a check directly to the vet. Please note in the memo line that the donation is for the ferret shelter. Donations directly to the shelter can be sent to LOS CA/SunFerret Shelter & Rescue at the address above.

We desperately need Lysodrine and Prednisolone 5 mg/tsp for our permanent residents with insulanomas and recurring adrenals. We also need amoxicillin and Fervac-D.
Someone anonymously sent a huge handmade hamock and I wanted to say thanks much- the fuzzies love it!! We can use more and would be happy to help you sell them if you'll also send us order forms - we've had at least a dozen requests. We also wanted to thank our sister shelter for the IV fluids and sleep sack!