Exotic Animal/Alternative Pet

Shelter, Rescue and/or Adoption Groups

Barbara Gustafson (aka Boots)
[email protected]
Alberta Ferret Society
7619-70 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T6C0A3
Dr Milton Ness
Ottewell Clinic
6120-90 Avenue
Edmonton Alberta T6B0B2
Total ferrets in shelter: 18
Sick or injured: 2
Needing vaccinations: 3
Being fostered: 18
Adopted since last update: 16
Adoptable ferrets: 18
Recent deaths: 1
Taken in since last update: 17
Needing spay/neuter: 1 spay booked
Needing surgery: 1 adrenal booked
Update from: 8-29-99 FML
A registered non-profit charitable organization. Tax deductible receipts issued for donations of $20 or more
Note: Our goal: To provide help to ferrets and education to ferret owners throughout the entire province of Alberta. We are currently in the process of expanding our organization.
Note: We do not have a permanent shelter facility (yet) but instead foster our rescues with members. The Society covers the cost of all food, cages, accessories & medical needs while they are in foster care.
Vet costs for 1997 ($622.10) 1998 ($4,042.40) and 1999 ($621.91) so far
Wish List: Toys, Hammocks, Timmy's Tonic. Our sincerest thanks to everyone who has send in donations.

Randy Belair, [email protected]
Ferret Aid Society of Toronto
PO BOX 1305, STN B
Mississauga, Ont.
L4Y 4B6
(905) 275-0438
A non-profit shelter
Dr. K Saldanha
Creditview Animal Hospital
4040 Creditview Rd
Mississauga, Ontario L5C 3Y8
or Account # 14657
University of Guelph
Revenue Control
Guelph Ontario N1G 2W1
Total ferrets in shelter: 30
Adoptable ferrets: 20
Needing vaccinations: 10
Recent deaths: 2
Being sponsored: 3
Adopted out since last update: 4
Unpaid vet bills: $475.00
Permanent residents: 10
Needing surgery: 2
Sick or injured: 2
Being fostered: 3
Needing sponsors: 7
Taken in since last update(3-99): 12
Unpaid shelter bills: $2,098
Update from: 8-29-99 FML
We've now got 30 ferrets in home and about 12 in foster.
Food we could use coupons for: Totally Ferret, Eukunuba kitten food
Wish List: Ink cartridge for Epson Stylus 600, Canadian stamps, Totally Ferret food.


Karl Brodhecker, [email protected]
Ferret Information Rescue Shelter & Trust Society of British Columbia
113 - 3495 Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC Canada
V5Z 4R3
Tel: (604) 263-7481
Fax: (604) 263-0314

Dr. James Anthony
Cambie Animal Clinic
First Pacific Dental Service for Animals
7555 Cambie Street
Vancouver, B.C.
V6P 3H6
Dr. Edwin Mulder ten Kate
Gladwyn Veterinary Clinic
#104 - 32660 Dahlstrom Avenue
Abbotsford, B.C.
V2T 4V6
Total ferrets in shelter: 43
Adoptable ferrets: 30
Ferrets taken in since inception: 184
Total adoptions since inception: 143
Permanent wards: 3
Being fostered: 43
Update from: 3-23-99 FML
A registered ferret not-for-profit welfare society and charity. All members are unpaid volunteers with no business interests in breeding ferrets. Over 95% of funds are used for veterinary expenses. All ferrets receive full medical care before adoption - vaccinations, altering, descenting, dental care, other surgeries as required. Ferrets stay with experienced volunteer fosters until they are ready to be adopted. Other services supplied are: Veterinary referals, general care information, legal information, lobbying and liason, breeder and pet store references, kenneling references.

Over the past three years, our vet fees have been in excess of $25,000, with about $12,000 still outstanding. Average cost of medical care per ferret is, as of today, $108.82, with an average adoption fee of $64.50, leaving a subsidy of $44.32 per ferret - pretty cheap, eh?

Couldn't provide this level of care without the support of the vets and very loyal (to the ferrets) volunteers.

Wish List: Fosters; taxi volunteers; clean cages and bedding; food; cash donations (income tax deductible US & Canada).

Paul Robicheau & Sandra MacEachern - [email protected]
Grinnin' Chin Exotic Hobby Ranch's Rescue
907-1263 Queen Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3J 3L4
(902) 425-4310
Doctor Benoit of Parrots to Ferrets
Rockingham Ridge Plaza
30 Farnham Gate Road
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3M 3W8
(902) 457-3353
Total pets in Shelter (specify species): 15 chinchillas, 8 sugar gliders, 5
hedgehogs and 1 ferret.
Adoptable pets: 1
Sick pets: 0
Needing Vaccines: 0
Being Sponsored: 0
Adopted since last update: 20
Unpaid Vet Bills: $0
Permanent Residents: 20
Being Rehabilitated: 0
Needing Surgery: 0
Recent Deaths: 3
Needing Sponsors: At this time none but the last three cost us $200 in vet
bills, this really strained our Christmas budget this year.
Taken In since last update: 26
Unpaid Shelter Bills: $0 We have paid for all expenses from our own funds.
Last Updated: 12-21-98
In the past year we have rescued a variety of exotic critters, chinhillas, sugar gliders, hedgehogs, iguana, ferret (I got struck and now we are keeping her). We also sell a variety of exotic pet feed and supplies. We are willing to sell our feed to other Canadian shelter at slightly higher than cost. Please take a look at our site. We have just changed our
What's New page so there is no info concerning the last three chinnie deaths anymore. The first two died within the first week after receiving them from the previous owner. The third when in for surgery to file spurs off of his back teeth the day after receiving them (all 3 came from the same person). This chin weighed 235 grams when we took him in. The other
two were too obese and died from internal problems that we could do nothing for. The lady that had them had been feeding them peanuts as a staple diet. The little guy did good after his surgery and was placed on a special soft diet. The damage caused by his pervious owner was too much and after 2 months of struggle he finally left us last Thursday night.

HomeFinders - Roberta Sushnyk
201-55 Royal Avenue
New Westminster, BC, V3L 1G9
(Mailing ONLY)
Phone Number: 540-2272
Non-Profit Info (Tax EIN#, DLN#, etc. if Avail. ):not yet available

Atlas Animal Hospital
41st & Fraser
Total pets in Shelter (specify species): 11 turtles, 23 rats, 1 mouse, 1
hamster, 11 cats, 2 rabbits
Adoptable pets: 35
Sick pets: 17
Needing Vaccines: 3
Being Sponsored: 0
Adopted since last update: first update
Unpaid Vet Bills: $0
Permanent Residents: 11
Being Rehabilitated: 6
Needing Surgery: 1
Recent Deaths: 2
Needing Sponsors: All
Taken In since last update: n/a
Unpaid Shelter Bills: n/a
Wish List: Cages, carriers, bedding (not pine or cedar), small animal food, turtle food, litter, cat food, dishes, collars, ID tags, kitten formula,
betadine, just about anything!

KaLuMa Canid Rescue and Assistance Association
PO Box 3747
Courtenay, BC V9N 7P1
Phone: 250 334-2686
Pager: 604 601-1765
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.kaluma.org

Our organization does all breed, all canid rescue throughout Canada and the
USA. This includes Single breed and mixed breed dogs, wolfdogs and coydogs.
We are a Canadian Charity and are working on our 501(c)3 status in the USA.

Marie Halls - [email protected]
KLM President / Founder
KaLuMa Canid Rescue - www.kaluma.org
ALL Canine Rescue - dogs, wolfdogs, coydogs
Regional Coordinators located in:
Canada: (Mainland and Vancouver Island, BC, - Saskatoon, SK)
US (Peoria, IL - Portland, OR - Oak Harbor, WA - Nashville, TN)
Home of the Rescuers' Resource Online Database. Join and network to save
those lives!
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Mia and Patrick Emery
[email protected]
The North Island Ferret Shelter
Unit 68 1901 Ryan Road East
Comox B.C.
Canada V9M 4E1
(250) 339-5932
Non-profit status pending
Dr. Philipson or Dr. Renooy
Comox Valley Animal Hospital
3110 Comox Road
Courtenay BC Canada
Total ferrets in shelter: 4
Adoptable ferrets: 3
Sick or injured: 3
Needing sponsors: 1
Adopted since last update: 3
Being rehabilitated: 1
Needing surgery: 1 possibly
Unpaid vet bills: $150
Taken in since last update: 7
Update from: 8-29-99 FML
Wish List: Water bottles, food dishes, litter pans. Please make all donations payable to our vet.

Pegge Clarke and Teresa Hart
[email protected]
The Ottawa Ferret Association
PH10-900 Dynes Rd.
Ottawa, ON Canada
K2C 3L6
(613) 258-6134
Dr. Lynn Lambourne
Grenville-Dundas Veterinary Clinic
Kemptville, ON Canada
(613) 258-2394
Total ferrets in shelter: 8
Adoptable ferrets: 3
Recent deaths: 1
Adopted since last update: 10
Permanent residents: 5
Needing vaccinations: 1
Being fostered: 8
Taken in since last update: 19
Update from: 8-29-99 FML
Wish List: That pet stores in our area would stop ordering kits by the dozens and selling them to people without providing proper information.

Sheena Staples, [email protected]
PO Box #3
4607 Kingsway
Burnaby, B.C.
V5H 2B3
pager number 1-604-601-4883

Wherret Ferrets is taking a sabbatical from Ferret Rescue so that we can reorganize our space, catch up on some vet bills and some much needed sleep! Wherret Ferrets encourages folks to donate supplies etc to FIRST or to the Alberta Ferret Society instead, or better yet adopt a ferret or two from one of thee organizations :-) http://www2.portal.ca/~wherret/

Urban Animal Advocates Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre
email: [email protected]
Specialties: all species of birds and mammals, mammal rescue program (mostly seals), nuisance wildlife management information service, legislation, seized exotic animals, IWRC Quebec representative, rabies and other zoonotic diseases, liason with conservation agencies, international sanctuary placement of exotics (monkeys, hedgehogs, eg.), wildlife-proofing