Exotic Animal/Alternative Pet

Shelter, Rescue and/or Adoption Groups

Deborah Cipriani - [email protected]
American Domestic Skunk Assoc of OH/IN
32072 Center Ridge Rd.
North Ridgeville, Ohio
Non-Profit 501 (3) c # 58-2282944
Dr. Frank Krupka
124 Miller Rd.
Avon Lake Ohio,44012
Total pets in Shelter - Domestic Skunks 27 - eleven are bought the
rest are rescues.
Adoptable pets: 0
Sick pets: 0
Needing Vaccines: 10
Being Sponsored: 0
Adopted since last update: 3
Unpaid Vet Bills: 0
Permanent Residents: 2
Being Rehabilitated: All every day!
Needing Surgery: 10 - Neturing and Spaying
Recent Deaths:0
Needing Sponsors: 4
Taken In since last update: 0
Unpaid Shelter Bills: 0
Wish List:Nu-Cat vitamin,Taurine,Flax seed oil, Virgin Olive Oil, Box of Cherrio's,Frozen Veggies, Paper Towels,Bleach,Fragrance Free Laundry Detergent,Micro Scope,Yesterdays News,Copy Machine,Ferret squared pans,Covered Kitty pans,Natures Miracle,Spray bottles,White vinegar, Preparation H,KY jelly,Evic DS wormer,Pancure wormer, Quart baggies.

I am USDA and State liscenced. We go any where in the Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, PA, KY, WV area to rescue domestic skunks. I have
people all over ready to Help our little skunkie friends. We make sure they are healthy before adoption. Please call us for any help you need with your skunk.
Please look at our website.

Deborah Cipriani
Domestic Skunk Rescue and Education
Phone: 440-327-4349
E-mail : [email protected]

Kim Wolf - [email protected]
Mystyx Ferret Rescue
Galloway Ohio
One permanent rescue-due to age
3 adoptables, one singleton almost 2yo, one pair both less than 1 yo
Unpaid Shelter bills:
Columbia Propane heating bill-$300
(we had to resort to electric radiators because of gas expenses being so high
this year That's what's left of LAST year's $900 bill.)
Long Distance Phone Bill-$58
Rabies shots are DUE in January 2001! we need 4 shots
for our current residents (no more adoptions until after Christmas so they
will need them before they can go)-Vet is Dr.Tony Xenekis of the West Side
Animal Clinic in Columbus Ohio.On Sullivant Avenue.He is a dog &cat vet(and
our own vet for dogs and cats) but agreed to do our rabies for the
ferrets.(our new ferret vet Dr.Beer is pretty far from home and we will be
using him for invasive procedures like surgeries/sterilizations or illness
Wish List-
Totally Ferret food or Iams Kitten food(dry)
Gently used cages
crock lock bowles
used digital camera
help gaining 501c3
You CAN donate tax deductable through the S.O.S(Save Our Shelters)for more
info Email Judith White at: [email protected]
D. Oxier - [email protected]
Arrowhead Reptile Rescue
82 Ferndale Ave Cinti, OH 45216
Non-Profit Info: Pending IRS 501(c) Tax Exemption, Current EIN
Division of Wildlife
Rehabilitation Permit #53110R
Education Permit #754
Most tx done by in-house vet tech,
Dr. R.D. Dalhausen as consult
Total in shelter: 15
Adoptable pets: 9
Sick (receiving care): 1
Need med care: 0 (all current)
Permanent Residents: 6 (used in our educational program)
Unpaid Shelter Bills: At Least $1,000
Light Fixtures (Incandescent & Flourescent)
UV bulbs, both types
larger room heater
external filter for large indoor pond
misting equipment, or other humidifier
used freeze dryer
cages & cage accessories always needed!


1 Juvenile Iguana, 2.5 ft, male
2 Adult Red Ear Slider Turtles, 5", must take pair
1 Adult Boa Constrictor, 9 ft, male

For more information, please visit our web page...
Michelle Weber - [email protected]
Little Orphans Ferret Shelter & Rescue
3655 St. Paris Pk.
Springfield. Ohio 45504
(937) 390-2249
Dr. Campbell
1924 Mitchell Blvd
Springfield, Ohio
Total ferrets in shelter: 8
Permanent residents: 3
Adoptable ferrets: 3
Being rehabilitated: 2
Recent deaths: 1
Needing sponsors: 3
Unpaid vet bills: $25
Unpaid shelter bills: $85
Updated from FML: 8-29-99
Food we could use coupons for: Eukanuba Kitten Chicken & Rice Formula, Totally Ferret, 8 in 1 Ultimate Ferret Food
Wish List: More cages, Foods listed above, litter (Wood Stove Pellets).
We take in ferrets that are unwanted, neglected, abused, unloved, or sick. We strive to provide plenty of love, exercise, and care for all of our ferrets. We love each and every rescue just as we love our own fuzzies.
Kathy Gallagher - [email protected]
Celtic Ferrets
PO Box 42
Worthington, OH 43085
Dr. Frost
Green Meadows
127 Green Meadows Dr S
Westerville, OH 43081
Total ferrets in shelter: 4
Permanent residents: 1
One needs serious dental work
Updated from FML : 8-29-99
We are currently looking for a larger place to live and will be moving in the next six weeks. The phone and our residential address will be changing.
Wish List: Small bungee/elastic cords for dishes and water bottles, Crock lock plastic dishes, Hammocks
Dottie Schira - [email protected]
Medina, Ohio 44256-8321
330-722-1627 or email kiak[email protected]
I do sugarglider rescues across the US.
Currently I have 2 sugargliders.

At present I have all the supplies necessary. In the near future I may need wire to build more cages.

I have a web site to guide people who are considering purchasing their first sugarglider.

Dottie Schira - [email protected]
BIRD PLACEMENT PROGRAM Refuge & Bird Care Services
PO Box 347392
Parma, Ohio 44134-7392
330-722-1627 or 216-749-3643
Dr. Riggs
Barberton Veterinary Clinic
4873 Richland Ave.
Norton, Ohio 44203
Currently we have 15 birds in foster care
300 with Associates
2 with special needs. They pick their feathers and sometimes their skin and need surgery.

We do not have any outstanding vet bills because all of our Associates pay the vet bills out of their own
funds. We do not belive in outstanding vet bills and we do not solicite for donations.

If people choose to give on their own, we gladly welcome the donation. We also appreciate donations of
toys, cages, treats, pine shavings(not cedar) food( we only use Dr. D's pellets made by Avi-Sci., Inc.)
plus top quality budgie and cockatiel seed mixes. We need subscribers to our bird magazine that we
publish. This helps support our organization.

We are a National pet bird rescue organization with branches in other states. Established in 1987. We are
one of the oldest running bird rescue organizations. We have a full staff consisting of behaviorists,
nutritionists, breeders, pet bird experts and specie specific experts. We publish a bird magazine to further
educate people regarding their pet birds and we give presentations.

Julie Fossa
[email protected]
West Central Ohio Ferret Shelter
P.O. Box 309
Cairo, OH 45820
(419) 225-8383
Dr. Chad Higgins
Amanda Animal Hospital
8696 Spencerville Road
Spencerville, Ohio 45887
(419) 647-48854
Total ferrets in shelter: 34
Adoptable ferrets: 30
Sick or injured: 4
Needing spay/neuter: 9
Needing vaccinations: 17
Needing surgery: 1
Needing sponsors: 2
Taken in since last update: 34
Adopted since last update: 14
Updated from FML: 8-29-99
Food we could use coupons for: Any of the following: Iams, Eukaneuba, 8 in 1 Ultimate, Shepherd and Greene ferret food
Wish List: Used baby blankets

Jean Caputo-Lee, [email protected]
Ferrets Unlimited Ferret Shelter
4116 Bucyrus Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44109
216/749-3885 home
A 501(c)3 non-profit shelter.
Animal Clinic Northview
Dr. Wayne Turner
34910 Center Ridge Road
North Ridgeville, Ohio 44039
Total ferrets in shelter: 33
Permanent Residents: 8
Adoptable - experience only: 10
Adoptable: 15
Taken in since last update: 58
Adopted since last update: 46
Deaths: 15
Unpaid shelter bills: $315
Update from FML: 8-29-99
Wish list: Advantage; Crock-locks & water bottles Permanent good homes for our socially challenged charges. People to sign onto IGive
North Coast Ferret Shelters -
East and West
Bev Fox
, [email protected]
North Coast Ferret Shelter East
445 Monroe St
Conneaut, Ohio 44030
(440) 599-8518
(440) 593-2880
Dr. Wayne Turner
Animal Clinic Northview
34910 Center Ridge Rd
North Ridgeville, Ohio 44039
(216) 327-8282
Total ferrets in shelter: 9
Adoptable ferrets: 5
Needing spay/neuter: 1
Recent deaths: 1
Being sponsored: 1
Adopted since last update: 3
Permanent residents: 4
Sick or injured: 2
Needing surgery: 1 adrenal
Being fostered: 2
Needing sponsors: 2
Taken in since last update: 3

Update from FML: 12-28-98
Wish List: Hammocks and Sleep sacks
Lori L. Sies - [email protected]
Ferret's Dream House
3973 Elljay
Cincinnati, OH 45241
(513) 733-5982
Dr. Rosing
Miamitown Pet Hospital
5990 St.
Rt. 128
Cleves, OH 45002
Total ferrets in shelter: 8
Permanent residents: 1
Adoptable ferrets: 8
Being rehabilitated: 2
Sick or injured: 1
Needing spay/neuter: 1
Needing surgery: 1
Recent deaths: 2
Taken in since last update: 15
Adopted out since last update: 14
Unpaid vet bills: $75
Update from FML: 8-29-99
A BIG THANK YOU for those who have supported the shelter with products and dollar bills. It all adds up. The Ferrets and I Thank You!
SUPPORT A SHELTER - Mail Order Your Ferrets' Supplies from Ferret Depot/Ferret's Dream House - all the $'s go back into the ferret shelter. http://w3.one.net/~ferret
Wish List: Paper Towels, Galaxy D Distemper Vaccines. Thin Baby Blankets, $'s for Vet Bills