Exotic Animal/Alternative Pet

Shelter, Rescue and/or Adoption Groups

Tim and Toni Davies
The Ark R.A.I.N. Foundation (Rescuing Animals In Need)
Po Box 721
Brownsville, TN. 38012
Non-Profit Info : 501c3 non -profit
DR. David Hannon
Total pets in Shelter: 115
Some species we are currently caring for: lion, cougar, wolf,
sloth, kinkajou, lemur, armadillo, bush baby, wallaby,
coatimundi, binturong, agouti, tortoise, birds, reptiles, fox,
raccoon, serval, spring haas, etc.
Unpaid Vet Bills: changes whenever new animals are treated or
surgery is required. A binturong is about to have eye surgery which
will cost about a minumum $700 plus after care. Currently owe
around $3000.00 for past meds and surgeries.
Permanent Residents: all 115
Being Rehabilitated:4
Needing Surgery :2
Needing Sponsors: all
Taken In since recently: 15
Wish List:

SPECIAL NEEDS: experienced grant writer volunteer, fund raiser organizer.

FOODS: Mazuri products (Monkey crunch, leaf eater monkey chow, new world monkey chow, omnivore diet, herbivore diet, llama crunch, large tortoise feed, large exotic feline diet, exotic canine diet, guinea pig food, lab diet, rabbit diet, wallaby/kangaroo diet, soft bill diet, insectivore diet, large parrot mix.
Iams products (mini crunch dog food, original cat food)
Raw, unsalted peanuts in shell, alfalfa cubes, edible flowering plants.
Meats (chicken, beef, fish, shrimp,deer, frozen baby chicks, frozen rats)
Insects (crickets, king worms)
Bales of Hay and Straw.

BUILDING SUPPLIES: non-toxic clean sand, compressor, lumber (2X4X8's, 2X4X10's), welded wire (2X4 and 1X1 pattern), cement,
wheel barrel, out door extension cords, rail road ties, hardware cloth wire.

CAGES: Vari Kennel animal carriers all sizes, dog houses, kitty litter.

MISC. SUPPLIES: large towels, small towels, blankets, bleach, water bottles (rabbit size), metal bowls, bird toys, gift certificates.

OFFICE SUPPLIES: large photo copier, copy paper, laminator, photo paper, ink for HPdeskjet 940C printer, Fender Passport P250 (portable PA system for education programs).

MEDICAL SUPPLIES: lactated ringers solution, sterile gauze, medical scale, stethoscope, gauze wraps, reusable ice packs, heating pads, incubator.

OUTDOOR SUPPLIES: horse trailer, pressure sprayer, rubber maid horse troughs, non toxic trees, vittle vault storage containers, refrigerator, long garden hoses.

Last Updated 7-29-02

Kimber Kincaid - [email protected]
Kimber's Kritter Korral, Reptile and Exotic Rescue and Rehab
Shelbyville/Nashville, TN
Working on non-profit status
Dr. Harris, Dr. Dixon, and Dr. Lutz
Total pets in Shelter
3 iguanas
1 Savannah Monitor
2 Bearded Dragons
1 Water Dragon
1 Mudskipper
lots of fish
3 Sliders
1 Turtle
3 snakes
1 chameleon
1 anole
9 parrots- amazons, african greys, and a conure
2 parakeets
2 dogs
4 rabbits
2 ferrets
3 suger gliders
Adoptable pets: 3 + fish
Sick pets: 1
Needing Vaccines: 8
Being Sponsored: 0
Permanent Residents: all but 3
Being Rehabilitated: 3
Needing Surgery: 3
Recent Deaths: 0
Needing Sponsors: all
Unpaid Shelter Bills: $6,000
Wish List: We need cages, food, food holders, and would love an acre or so more in Tennessee to use! Thank you for your help..

Middle TN. Rescue & Rehab. Center - [email protected]
Angela Morgan-Arnold
Rt. 1, Box 190-D, Lobelville, TN. 37097
We use different vets for different species.
Non-critical cases are treated by homeopathic means.
Total pets in Shelter (specify species): 6 parrots;
2 soft-billed birds; 10 rabbits;
1 short-tailed opossum; 1 coyote hybrid; 1 wolf hybrid;
1 ferret; 2 waterfowl; 3 bantam chickens; 2 iguanas;
1 sugar glider; 3 leopard frogs; 1 hedgehog.
Adoptable pets: 4 house rabbits (hand-fed from birth & litter trained)
Sick pets: 4
Needing Vaccines: 3
Being Sponsored: 6
Adopted since last update:
Unpaid Vet Bills: $0 (I pay cash at the time of visits)
Permanent Residents: 21
Being Rehabilitated: 4
Needing Surgery: 1
Recent Deaths: 0
Needing Sponsors: 3
Taken In since last update:
Unpaid Shelter Bills: $600.00
We accept any exotic pet (mammal, avian, reptile, amphibian and insect) for any reason and we have a friend who has a no-kill shelter for dogs and cats. We also take orphaned or abandoned baby animals of all types and have
a small network of foster homes. Until our TN. wildlife rehab. permit is granted we will not be able to accept native species, but can contact the proper people for you. We are always in need of the following items. Since everything is paid for out of my pocket, it can get quite expensive. We are also wanting to expand to take in large hoof stock and are applying for our raptor permit and native wildlife rehab. permit, so any fencing, wire, etc. for these projects would be greatly appreciated. Also, we recently moved to a larger place and need labor donations for building and fencing.

Wish List:
FOODS: Mazuri Exotic Animal Diets (all types); Science Diet; ZooMed Reptile & Amphibian Foods; Pretty Bird Pellets; Exotic Finch & Budgie Seed Mixes; Wysong Canned Meat Diets; Any small mammal foods; Powdered Milk Replacers; Pretty Bird Hand-feeding formulas; Nekton Lory; Pretty Pets Animal Pellets (by Pretty Bird); Quiko Lory Diet; Quiko Nectar Diet; and strained baby foods (single ingredient).
BUILDING SUPPLIES AND CAGES: Wire bird/Safeguard cages; dog kennels; any building materials; portable sheds; wire dog crates; small animal cages.
MEDS & NURSERY SUPPLIES: Nutri-cal/Nutri-stat; Bene-bac gel and powder (pet and bird); syringes (luer-slip types; no needles); pet nursers and baby bottles; "Catac" syringe nipples (from UPCO); Dyne liquid; Strongid-T liquid wormer; Nemex liquid wormer; vaccines; latex exam gloves; Blood stop powder; Mardel Ornacyn Plus (bird med); any reptile meds/ supplements; Vanodine V.18 disinfectant; Nolvasan disinfectant; Any Oxy-Fresh cleaning products; any homeopathic pet remedies; any natural animal care prdts.; incubators; brooders; Pearlco Ceramic Heating Elements; baby blankets; Lambskin wools; Lactated ringers solution.
OTHER: any animal & bird toys; Vita-lites; concrete pedicure perches; food processor; Chest-type freezer; tube-type water bottles (Lixit, Oasis, etc.); Bolt-on type food dishes; gift certificates for any animal supplies.
Last update: 5-18-99
F.E.R.T. (Teresa Glasgow) - [email protected]
(Ferret Education and Rescue of Tennessee)
745 Donna Dr.
Lenoir City, TN. 37771
(423) 988-4431
Dr.Heather O'Brian
Dr. Deanna Walker
Animal Medical Clinic
507 E. Broadway
Lenoir City, TN. 37771
(423) 988-7387
Total ferrets in shelter: 16
Permanent residents: 6
Adoptable ferrets: 6
Being rehabilitated: 2
Sick or injured: 2
Needing vaccinations: 7
Needing surgery: 1
Needing sponsors: 3
Adopted since last update: 4
Taken in since last update: 10
Unpaid vet bills: $2,000
Unpaid shelter bills: $1,500
Updated from FML: 8-29-99
Wish List: Totally Ferret; Stove Pellets; Cages