Exotic Animal/Alternative Pet

Shelter, Rescue and/or Adoption Groups

Cindy Carroccio - [email protected]
Austin Zoo
P.O. Box 91808
Austin, TX 78709
1 800 291-1490
Oak Springs Vet Hosp and Westgate Pet and Bird Hosp
9324C Hwy 290 West
Austin, TX 78736
512.288.1040 and 512 894.4464
Total animals in Shelter (specify species): 79 species,
250+ total animals
Adoptable animals: 0
Sick animals: 1
Needing Vaccines: 0
Being Sponsored: 20
Adopted since last update: 0
Unpaid Vet Bills: $0
Permanent Residents: 250+
Being Rehabilitated: 0
Needing Surgery: 0
Recent Deaths: 1
Needing Sponsors: all of them
Taken In since last update: 10
Unpaid Shelter Bills: $0
Last Update: 12-3-98
Wish List: caging material, bamboo, blender, walk-in freezer, metal, dishes, doghouses, baby toys, bowling balls, blankets, towels, carriers, van, copy paper, labor, to start. also see website www.austinzoo.com

Cynthia Hill
[email protected]
The Ferret Boarding House, Inc.
722 Wilken
Houston, TX 77008
A 501(c)3 non-profit shelter
EIN# 76-0531140
Dr. Dan Jordan
Animal Avian Hospital of the Village
2422 Robinhood
Houston, TX
Total ferrets in shelter: 21
Permanent residents: 13
Adoptable ferrets: 8
Sick or injured: 4
Needing spay/neuter: 2
Needing surgery: 2
Recent deaths: 1
Needing sponsors: 5
Taken in since last update: 8
Adopted since last update: 5
Unpaid vet bills: $400
Updated from FML: 8-29-99
Wish List: litter, food, hammocks

Trish Curtis, [email protected]
Ferrets First Rescue & Shelter
P.O. Box 2368
Weatherford, TX 76086
Dr. Roger Kendrick D.V.M. Bowen Road Animal Clinic
501 S. Bowen Road
Arlington, TX 76013
Being rehabilitated: 4
Sick or injured: 7
Needing surgery: 8
Being sponsored: 6
Adopted out this month: 4
Unpaid vet bills: $625.00
New arrivals in quarantine: 6
Needing vaccinations: 6
Being fostered: 1
Needing sponsors: 6
Taken in this month: 3
Unpaid shelter bills: $265.00
Updated from FML: 8-29-99
Wish List: Sponsors, Totally Ferret, Doskocil Vari-Kennels sizes 300 to 500, Hill's A/D prescription diet, towels, sleep sacks.

If you are able to donate to Trish's vet bill, please make out the check to Dr. Kendrick but send it to Judith White, 1236 Belfield Avenue, Drexel Hill, PA 19026-4211. I will forward it.

1998 was a record year for the most adoptions!! We are very pleased. We've helped some with surgeries and other medical treatments. We've worked with some "troubled children" and gotten them to a point where they have learned to trust humans again, and to accept love from humans. It's taken time, but they've made great strides, and the most fearful of the group just gave me kisses for the first time! What an incredible feeling! More fuzzy work has gone on than I can tell here.
Unfortunately, we've incurred some expenses that have cut into the shelter budget. We've also taken in a record number of ferrets who need special medications. Vet bills are in the $600-$700 range. I am working as many hours as possible, but there are only so many hours in the day. What the shelter needs most are donations to help provide for the ferrets and sponsors to help those needing special care & meds. If you'd like to meet our kids needing sponsors, and some of our other kids, check out our NEW WEBSITE http://www.ferretsfirst.com/start.htm. Sponsor kits are free to anyone interested in sponsoring or who wish to know more about what a sponsor does.
We are greatly indebted to our webmaster, Jonathan Michaels, for generously donating this site for our shelter. He loves the fuzzies, too!
Special thanks to our current sponsors and donors!

Branch shelter Carlsbad, NM, Eydie Fox, [email protected]

Kevin & Lori Goats - [email protected]
Ferret Haven
P.O. Box 442
Pt. Neches, TX 77651
Vet: Dr. Ken Rutty
7610 Twin City Hwy
Port Arthur, TX 77642
Adoption data:
Total pets in shelter (all ferrets) 15
Adoptable ferrets: 7
Sick ferrets: 2
Needing vaccines: 0
Being sponsored: 0
Adopted since this year: 20
Unpaid vet bills: $125
Permanent residents: 6
Being rehabbed: 2
Needing surgery: 0
Recent deaths: 0
Needing sponsors: 1
Taken in this year: 40
Unpaid shelter bills: $125
Last Update: 11-29-98
Shelter wish list: Ensure plus, Totally Ferret food, Iams kitten food (dry), Iams cat food (dry), Science Diet a/d, No Track Scoop Away cat litter, hammocks, litter boxes, baby blankets, water bottles, food bowls, cages, copy machine, small animal scale, stamps.

Kym Roldan - [email protected]
FuzzyWuzzy Orphanage
P.O. Box 29041
Dallas, TX 75229
(972) 841-0078
Dr. Roger Kendrick
Bowen Road Animal Clinic
501 S. Bowen Road
Arlington, TX 76013
(817) 861-1763
Total Ferrets in Shelter: 6
Adoptable Ferrets: 5
Sick or Injured: 1
Needing Vaccinations: 3
Taken in Since last update: First time listing
Updated from FML: 8-29-99
Food we could use coupons for:Iams Kitten

Guinea Pig Rescue of Austin - R. Kelly Wagner
P.O.Box 3405, Austin, TX 78764-3405
Westgate Pet & Bird Hospital
4535 Westgate Blvd. #103, Austin, TX 78740
Total pets in Shelter (specify species): 7 guinea pigs
(Currently - there have been as many as 26
at one time; this past May we had 22) and 1 hedgehog
Adoptable pets: 7 GPs
Sick pets: 0
Needing Vaccines: 0
Being Sponsored: 0
Adopted since last update: 10
Unpaid Vet Bills: $0
Permanent Residents: 1 hedgehog (plus our own pets, of course)
Being Rehabilitated: 0
Needing Surgery: 0
Recent Deaths: 1 (1 guinea pig, who had been taken to the vet several
days previously, and who perked up, started eating and drinking, etc.
for several days, then suddenly collapsed.)
Taken In since last update: * new listing. We
took in, and found homes for, over 50 guinea
pigs in 2000, and over 40 so far in 2001.
GPRA gets the darndest calls from the city
animal pound about small exotic animals, so
we have also occasionally had as many as 5
hedgehogs and 5 parakeets as well as guinea
pigs. Our current rescued hedgehog is missing
an ear, and no one wants to adopt a one-
eared, adult hedgehog, so he's a permanent
Unpaid Shelter Bills: 0 (We run this out of our house;
the bills can't go unpaid!)
What we need most: stick-on vinyl floor tiles to cover a 15’ x 15’ room; the old sheet vinyl is getting pretty ratty, pardon the
pun, and we need to refloor with something easy to sweep, mop, and vacuum, and safe to let the piggies run around on and accidentally pee on .We can always use: guinea pig food with stabilized vitamin C (Oxbow Hay is our preferred brand); timothy hay (Oxbow); ferret tubes and
ferret balls (the piggies love them!); wooden bird chew toys with bells- the sizes for cockatiels and lovebirds. For example, XTC Colored Pine
& Plastic Star Toy, 7 1/2"Star-shaped plastic pony beads and pine sticks for parakeets & cockatiels, from petsmart.com, is a favorite of guinea
pigs- they love chewing on the wood and making the bell ring.

Matthew Stevens
Kozy Kingdom Ferret Rescue
P.O. Box 201013
Arlington, TX 76006-1013
[email protected]
Dr. Roger Kendrick
Bowen Road Animal Clinic
501 S. Bowen Rd
Arlington TX, 76013
Total ferrets in shelter: 2
Adoptable ferrets: 2
Needing vaccinations: 2
Adopted since last update: 15 in 1999
Taken in since last update: 28
15 in 1998
Unpaid vet bills: $250
Unpaid shelter bills: $250
Updated from FML: 8-29-99
Wish List: We're good right now, so many adoptions and few surrenders what more could a shelter want?!? stores/vets to carry Totally Ferret!

Pets Are Us - [email protected]
Suite 519
Houston, TX 77065
Reptile and small animal specialists dealing with rehabs, and unwanted exotic pets.
Also go around and teach the importance of owning such pets etc.
If you have any questions please call.
Last week 3 iguanas adopted.

Lavenia Flavelle - [email protected]
R.A.R.E.(Enchanted Acres Exotic Wildlife Refuge)
2640 E. Broadway
Pearland, Texas 77581
(right outside of Houston, Tx.)
Working on Non-Profit status at this time.
Dr. Gary Harwell (Formerly at the Houston Zoo and works on exotics)
7565 Drouet
Houston, Texas
Total Pets In Shelter: 22
Adoptable Pets: 8
Sick Pets: 1
Needing Vaccines: 0
Being Sponsored: 0
Last Update: 12-2-00
Adopted since last last year this time: 50
Unpaid Vet Bills: 0
Permanent Residents: 6
Being Rehabilitated: 1 (at this time)
Needing Surgery: 0
Recent Deaths:0
We mainley rescue and take in exotic birds (specifically softbills) and reptiles however space permitting we will consider small to medium sized exotic mammals. We do not believe in keeping any animal in a small cage so all animals are housed in walk-in flights.
Wish list:
We are very much in need of gift certificates or walk-in flights from California Cageworks (www.californiacageworks.com). Also any building materials, low iron softbill food(example Ziegler Bird of Paradise),and aquariums for rehabilitating small reptiles.

Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (RWRC) is a nonprofit wildlife rescue organization whose purpose is to help injured, sick or orphaned birds of all types return to their natural environment. We:
* Provide professional, humane care to all birds brought in for treatment.
* Provide thorough and complete rehabilitation resources, including veterinary card and diagnostics.
* Release rehabilitated birds back into their natural environment so that both the individual bird and its species population will benefit.
* Find or provide permanent homes for those birds that cannot be released
* Discourage keeping wild birds as "pets".
* Discourage raising of wild bird orphans by untrained non-permitted individuals.
* Encourage habitat preservation.
* Provide educational programs to heighten the awareness of the importance of nature.
* Develop programs to help people live in closer harmony with native wildlife
* Furnish information on ecology, preservation, habitat and wildlife rehabilitation.
* Function as a resource for wildlife information.
Contact information:
1430 E. Cleveland Rd.
Hutchins, TX 75141

P.O. Box 545
Hutchins, TX 75141
Wish list:
* New Insulin Syringes
* Heating Pads / Heat Lamps
* Towels / Bath mats
* Facial Tissue (Kleenex)
* Food & Water Bowls
* Laundry Detergent / Dish Soap / Bleach
* Broom & Mop
* Ice Chests / Postage Stamps
* Microscope / Asthma type Nebulizer
* Bird Seed / Pine Shavings / Play Sand
* Cage, Fence or Chicken Wire
* Refrigerator Will Pick-Up
* Freezer upright or chest type Will Pick-Up
* Clothes Dryer (220-volt) Will Pick-Up
* Window Unit A.C. / Heater (220-volt)
* Power Washer, Generator
* Golf Cart (any condition)

Terry DeGaw - [email protected]
Serenity Springs Sanctuary
Rt. 1, Box 196
Forestburg, TX 76239
Arn Anderson
1403 Hwy 59N
Bowie, TX
Census: 133
Adoptable: 80
Adopted: 4
Vet bills: $672
Permanent residents: 53
Being rehabbed: 14
Need surgery: 1
Deaths: 2
All adoptable animals are available for a fee to cover their medical expenses
Wish list: Feed, shelters, building materials, hay, wading pools, volunteers.

Brian Werner, Executive Director
[email protected]
Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge/ Tiger Missing Link Foundation
17544 FM 14, Tyler, Texas 75706
(903) 858-1008
Dr. J. K. Hobbs
1129 N. Beaulah
P.O. Box 1037
Hawkins, Texas 74765
Total pets in Shelter (specify species):12 Tigers & Lions
Needing Vaccines: 1
Being Sponsored: 1

Permanent Residents: 7
Being Rehabilitated: 2
Recent Deaths: 1
Needing Sponsors: 6
Unpaid Shelter Bills: $8,400.00
Wish List: Refer to www.tigerlink.com for wish list!

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