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(caring for your pets, breeders and/or feeders on the net since 1991)
(revised, feb, 2010)

Updates and additions by **** New email adress for updates: To be announced.**** based on suggestions and knowledge passed on by others on the net..

PLEASE, do NOT email me with veterinary questions! I am not a vet and have been getting a ton of email asking such questions! I will not answer any email with a question that is already answered by the FAQ as I do not have time to read the FAQ to people for them.

Disclaimer: These answers describe various breeders' experiences. We are NOT veterinarians and nothing here should be taken as veterinary advice.
This resource is for anyone who breeds or owns (or is owned by) rats. Proper care of small animals is important, regardless if they are pets or not.

1. What's a fancy rat?
2. How do I tell a male from a female?
3. What kinds of fancy rats are there?
4. What should I feed my rat?
5. Are table scraps OK?
6. Are leafy vegetables OK?
7. My rat won't eat or drink and is losing weight. What do I do?
8. What kind of cage is best?
9. Cracked aquariums are cheap, but where do I get a lid?
10. Where can I get mail-order cages and supplies cheap?
11. What kind of bedding is best?
12. Do cedar shavings cause respiratory disease?
13. Can two males co-exist in one cage?
14. Do rats need houses inside their cages?
15. Should I get my rat a wheel?
16. My rat scratches his face and has sores. What's he got? Mites?
17. My rat sneezes. Should I treat him?
18. My rat makes a rasping noise when breathing. Is he dying?
19. My rat's head is crooked and he walks in circles. What's wrong?
20. What's the best rat book?
21. Do pregnant rats need special care?
22. Do nursing moms need special care?
23. What do I do if a mother dies before weaning her litter?
24. How can I comfort my rat if she is in pain? ... at delivery?
25. Are there any Rat Clubs in my area?
26. Where can I get Rat-Theme Art?
27. What's a blue rat?
28. How can I tell if my rat is in pain or ill? What if he is dying and suffering!?
(warning, may be upsetting to some people as it covers euthinization)
29. My male got into a fight and now he has a big abscess on his back. What should I do?
30. My rat rocks back and forth and seems to stare into space a lot. Is he sick?
31. When you say "he" or "she" do you also mean the other sex?
32. I want a pet fancy rat!! Where do I find a rodent breeder in my area?
33. Can I get rabies if my pet rat bites me?
34. Where do I find books on rats? Rodent Book List!

If you have a Rat or Rodent related website, PLEASE email me about it. You may even win the GOLDEN RAT AWARD! This award is not rewarded more then once per month! Web page must be dedicated to any kind of rodents and is judged on content, design, layout and entertainment value.

Jan. 1999 Golden Rat Award Winner. Funniest Rat in the World Election
Feb. 1999 Golden Rat Award Winner. Beast Pages
Mar. 1999 Golden Rat Award Winner. (Skipped)
April 1999 Golden Rat Award Winner. Tie - My Five Furry Fuzzbombs and R.A.T. Belgium
May 1999 Golden Rat Award Winner. Bart's Rat Site
June 1999 Golden Rat Award Winner. Rat Room UK
July 1999 Golden Rat Award Winner. (Will be selected in mid July)

1998 winners!

Submit entries to ***New email adress for updates: To be announced.*** Winner will be picked by the 15th of each month.

(Gold Rat Award not being run at this time due to overworked webmaster)

The Site of the Week Award!

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