A note about Usenet and why NAPA
doesn't list animal related Usenet groups

Usenet, also known as Newsgroups, is totally unmoderated and most ISPs will not do anything about people who are abusive there. It is a prime source of email addresses for businesses who spam people with junk email, filled with people who will RAM their opinions down the throats of others and harrass them if they dare fight back. Only a few people there have anything resembling manners or respect for others. New people often find themselves a target of 'net punks' who have nothing better to do then call people names and intimidate them. It is truly the 'wasteland of the internet'.
Due to there being no control over what people do and the often obscene language used there, it is recommended that parents discourage impressionable children from reading or posting to Usenet Newsgroups. Some ISPs are now refusing to even support a news server due to the high level of abuse.
Lately, many of the newsgroups in the alt.pet and rec.pet hierarchy have been overrun with animal rights people seeking to brainwash children to their cause. The terrorist group known as the Animal Liberation Front regularly uses Usenet to brag about its activities and recruit new members.

Is is recommended to make use of mailing lists. They are often moderated. Abusive people and 'trolls' can be kicked off and the quality of the advice is much higher. There are still sometimes disagreements, but they are mostly far more civil and polite. When things get a little too hot between two people, the moderator can step in and call a time out.