A Pet Guide For Golden Mountain Dog Puppies


The Golden Mountain Dog is a mixed breed of two adorable dog breeds, the Golden Retriever and the Bernese Mountain Dog. It’s one of the most affectionate, lovable and loyal large canines out there.  The first parent, Golden retriever, is known to be a big lovable fluff-ball with an easy-going temperament that accepts and shows … Read more

What Are the Best Treats for German Shepherd Puppies? How To Use Them?


Looking for the best treats for German Shepherd puppies? There are a few guidelines that any pet owner should follow when searching for the best dog treats for their German Shepherd. For example, you will want to choose dog treats that are both nutritional and tasty. Artificial ingredients such as artificial flavors, chemicals, preservatives, or … Read more

Best Treats for German Shepherd


It’s only after owning a german shepherd that you actually know how sensitive their stomachs can be. While they’re physically strong, they’re also prone to various digestive issues and can develop food allergies to just about anything. Well, one of your biggest responsibilities as a German shepherd owner is to ensure a good diet for … Read more