Comparing Cane Corso vs Great Dane: What You Need to Know

Are you one of the many future dog owners out there trying to decide between a cane corso and great danes as your next pet? Both breeds have their own unique characteristics, so it’s important to weigh all of the considerations before making a decision.

From health concerns to training tips, has you covered when it comes to comparing cane corso vs great dane.

Cane Corso vs Great Dane

We’ll provide an overview of both breeds, discuss health issues associated with each one, offer advice on training them effectively and cover nutrition requirements for optimal growth and development. Plus we’ve included some fun facts & trivia about these two popular canine companions!

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Cane Corso vs Great Dane: Overview

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The Cane Corso and the Great Dane are two popular breeds of dogs that have many similarities, but also some distinct differences. Let’s take a look at their history and origin, physical characteristics, and the Corso and Great Dane temperament to better understand these two breeds.

History & Origin: The Cane Corso is an Italian breed that dates back to ancient Roman times. It was originally used as an excellent guard dog for livestock or property, as well as a hunting companion. The Great Dane is believed to be descended from Irish Wolfhounds brought to Germany by the Celts in the 5th century BC. They were bred with other large European breeds such as the Italian Mastiff to create what we now know today as the Great Dane.

Physical Characteristics: Both breeds are large-sized dogs with muscular builds; however, there are some key differences between them when it comes to size and weight. The average height of a male Cane Corso is 24-27 inches while female Cane Corsos typically stand 23-25 inches tall at the shoulder; they usually weigh between 88-110 pounds depending on gender.

On the other hand, male Great Danes can reach up 30 inches in height while females generally range from 28-32 inches tall; they usually weigh anywhere from 110–200 pounds depending on gender again.

Despite their intimidating size, both breeds tend to be gentle giants who love spending time with their family members, especially children. While both make great companions for active households due to their high energy levels, it is important to note that neither breed should be apartment living or in small spaces since they need plenty of room for exercise and playtime activities each day (at least 1 hour).

Additionally, both will require proper socialization training at an early age on so they learn how best interact with people outside of their immediate family circle without overly having aggressive behaviors or fearful around strangers or other pets.

Both Cane Corso and Great Danes have unique physical traits, temperaments, and personalities that make them great companions. However, it is important to understand their health considerations in order to keep them happy and healthy for years to come.

Key Thought: The Cane Corso and the Great Dane are both large, muscular breeds that require plenty of exercise and socialization training. They make great family dogs due to their gentle nature, but they may not be suitable for small living spaces.

Cane Corso vs Great Dane: Health Considerations

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Common Health Issues: Both the Cane Corso and Great Dane are prone to hip dysplasia, a condition in which the thighbone does not fit properly into the hip joint. This can lead to lameness or arthritis later in life. Other health problems that may affect these breeds include bloat, heart disease, eye problems, and skin allergies.

Grooming Requirements: The Cane Corso has a short coat that requires minimal grooming needs while the Great Dane has a short-haired coat that needs regular brushing and occasional bathing. Both breeds should have their nails trimmed regularly as well as their ears checked for signs of infection.

The Cane Corso is an active breed that needs plenty of exercise on a daily basis, such as long walks or jogs with its pet parents. The Great Dane is also an active breed but does not require quite as much exercise as its smaller counterpart; however, it still needs regular activity such as playing fetch or going for leisurely strolls around the neighborhood.

Overall, both the Cane Corso and Great Dane are strong, healthy breeds with a few common health issues to be aware of. However, it’s important to consider their grooming requirements and exercise needs in order to keep them happy and healthy. Let’s take a look at how these two breeds differ when it comes to training tips.

Cane Corso vs Great Dane: Training Tips

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Both the Cane Corso and Great Dane are intelligent breeds that can be properly trained to obey basic commands. Start with simple commands such as sit, stay, come, and leave it. Be consistent in your training methods by using positive reinforcement techniques such as verbal praise or treats when they do something correctly. It is important to remain patient during the process since these dogs may take longer than other breeds to learn new commands.

Socialization Strategies: Socializing both breeds is essential for them to become well-rounded pets. Introduce them to different people, places, animals, and situations so they can get used to their environment and learn how to behave appropriately around other pets. Take them on walks around the neighborhood or invite friends over for play dates so they can interact with other people and animals in a safe setting.

The Cane Corso and Great Dane are two very different breeds with their own unique needs when it comes to training. With the right guidance, both breeds can learn basic obedience training, skills, and socialization strategies. Next, we’ll look at nutrition requirements for each breed.

Key Thought: Both the Cane Corso and Great Dane are intelligent breeds that can be trained with positive reinforcement techniques. Socialization is essential for them to become well-rounded pets, so introduce them to different people, places, animals and situations in a safe setting.

Cane Corso vs Great Dane: Nutrition Requirements


When it comes to nutrition requirements for the Cane Corso and Great Dane, there are a few key points that should be taken into consideration.

Dietary Guidelines for Each Breed

The dietary guidelines for each breed will vary depending on their age, size, activity level and health conditions. Generally speaking, both breeds require high-quality food that is rich in protein and fat with minimal carbohydrates. For adult dogs of either breed, look for foods that contain at least 18% protein and 8% fat.

Puppies may need more calories than adults so look for puppy formulas with higher levels of nutrients. It’s also important to provide your pet with plenty of fresh water throughout the day as well as a variety of healthy treats such as fruits or vegetables to supplement their diet.

Feeding Schedules and Portion Sizes

It is also important not to overfeed your pet; if you notice any weight gain then reduce portion sizes accordingly or consider switching them onto a lower calorie diet formula designed specifically for weight management purposes.

Additionally, it is beneficial to consult with your veterinarian or refer to the feeding instructions provided by the manufacturer on the packaging label in order to determine how much food your pet needs each day.

Comparing the nutritional requirements of a Cane Corso and Great Dane can be complex, but understanding their dietary needs is essential for providing optimal care. Now let’s look at some fun facts and trivia about these two majestic breeds.

Key Thought: Both Cane Corso and Great Dane breeds require high-quality food with 18% protein and 8% fat. Feeding schedules and portion sizes should be determined by consulting a veterinarian or referring to the manufacturer’s instructions on the packaging label.

Cane Corso vs Great Dane: Fun Facts & Trivia

Both have unique characteristics that make them stand out from other dogs, but they also share some similarities. Let’s take a look at some interesting facts about these two beloved breeds.

Interesting Facts About the Breeds

The Cane Corso is an Italian breed that was originally bred as guard dogs and hunting companions. They are known for their loyalty, intelligence, and strength.

The average weight of a full-grown male Cane Corso is between 110 to 130 pounds with females being slightly smaller at 90 to 110 pounds. This breed has short fur which comes in many colors including black, gray, fawn, brindle, blue and red or sable markings on white coats.

The Great Dane is one of the tallest dogs in existence standing up to 34 inches tall at its shoulder when fully grown. Despite their size they are gentle giants who love attention from people and get along well with other pets.

Their coat can be short or long haired depending on variety but usually comes in black & tan or harlequin (black & white). Some even come with merle patterns like blue merles.

Popularity Rankings & Celebrity Owners


Cane Corsos rank 68th out of 196 registered dog breeds according to AKC popularity rankings while Great Danes rank 15th, making them one of America’s favorite large dog breed.

Celebrities such as Paris Hilton own both breeds; she owns a Harlequin Great Dane named Prince Baby Bear Bentley, and her sister Nicky owns a Black Brindle Cane Corso called Bossi Totti Rizzo.

The Cane Corso and the Great Dane are two of the most popular large dogs breed in the world. Both have unique personalities, histories, and characteristics that make them stand out from other breeds.

Interesting Facts About the Breeds

The Cane Corso is an Italian dog breed that was originally bred as a guard dogs for farmers and estate owners. It has a strong protective instinct and is known for its loyalty to its family.

Great Danes are a German breed that was developed to hunt wild boar. It’s also known for being a gentle giant with their families but can be intimidating when it comes to strangers or unfamiliar animals.

Popularity Rankings & Celebrity Owners

Both breeds have become increasingly popular over recent years due to their loyal nature and good looks. The Cane Corso ranks 24th on AKC’s list of most popular dogs while Great Danes ranks 8th. Famous celebrity owners include actors Will Smith (Great Dane) and Gerard Butler (Cane Corso).

The Cane Corso and the Great Dane are two large, powerful breeds of dogs that have been around for centuries. While they may look similar at first glance, there are some distinct differences between them.

Interesting Facts About the Breeds

The Cane Corso is an Italian breed that was originally bred as guard dogs and hunting companions. It is a muscular, athletic breed with a short coat that comes in various colors including black, gray, fawn and brindle. The average weight of an adult male Cane Corso is 110-130 pounds while females typically weigh 90-110 pounds.

The Great Dane originated in Germany where it was used to hunt wild boar and other large game animals. This breed has a long body with strong legs and broad shoulders which give it its characteristic “Great” look. Its coat can be short or long depending on the variety but usually comes in black or blue with white markings on its chest and feet being common features among all varieties of this breed. Adult male Great Danes can weigh up to 200 pounds while females typically weigh between 120-170 pounds making them one of the largest breeds in existence today.

Popularity Rankings & Celebrity Owners

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In terms of popularity rankings both breeds rank highly according to AKC registrations; however, the Cane Corsos ranks slightly higher than the Great Dane dogs coming in at #41 compared to #48 respectively as of 2023 statistics from AKC registration data sets .

Both breeds have had their fair share of celebrity owners over time such as singer/songwriter John Legend who owns two rescue pups (a Cane Corso named Puddy Tattysusanah & a German Shepherd mix named Puddles) as well as actor Will Smith who owns four French Bulldogs (two males & two females).

Overall, these amazing breeds make great companions for those looking for loyal friends with big personalities.

Key Thought: The Cane Corso and Great Dane are two popular breeds that share some similarities, such as loyalty and intelligence. They also have unique characteristics: the Cane Corso is smaller with short fur, while the Great Dane is one of the tallest dogs in existence. Both breeds rank high in AKC popularity rankings and have been owned by celebrities like Paris Hilton.

FAQs in Relation to Cane Corso vs Great Dane

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What dog is bigger than a Cane Corso?

The Cane Corso is a large breed of dog, but there are several breeds that are larger. The Great Dane is one example, with males standing up to 34 inches tall at the shoulder and weighing between 110-200 pounds. The Irish Wolfhound is another big dog breeds, with males reaching heights of 32 inches or more and weighing up to 120 pounds.

Other large breeds include the Anatolian Shepherd Dog, Bullmastiff, Dogue de Bordeaux, Neapolitan Mastiff and Tibetan Mastiff. All these breeds can be bigger than a Cane Corso depending on their individual size and weight.

What dog is bigger than a Great Dane?

The Irish Wolfhound is the largest breed of dog, typically standing at least 32 inches tall and weighing up to 180 pounds. They are believed to have been bred as hunting dogs in Ireland over 2,000 years ago. The Irish Wolfhound has a strong build with a large head and long legs that make them well-suited for chasing down prey. Their coat is usually gray or brindle but can also be black, red, fawn or white. They are known for their loyalty and intelligence making them great family pets.

Are Cane Corsos one of the strongest dogs?

Yes, Cane Corsos are one of the strongest dog breeds. They have a muscular and athletic build that makes them well-suited for working dog and protection roles. Their powerful jaws can generate up to 500 pounds of pressure per square inch, making them capable of taking down large prey with ease.

Additionally, their strong legs allow them to run at speeds up to 35 miles per hour and jump over obstacles up to six feet tall. All these traits make the Cane Corso an excellent choice for owners looking for a strong and intensely loyal dogs.

Can a Cane Corso bite harder than a lion?

No, a Cane Corso cannot bite harder than a lion. Lions have the strongest bite force of any living cat species and can exert up to 600 pounds per square inch (psi). By comparison, the Cane Corso has an average bite force of only 450 psi. Additionally, lions have larger teeth and jaws that are adapted for gripping and tearing flesh which gives them even more power when biting compared to other animals like the Cane Corso.


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In conclusion, when it comes to choosing between a Cane Corso and a Great Dane, there are many factors to consider. From health considerations to proper training tips and nutrition requirements, each breed has its own unique needs that must be taken into account. Ultimately, the decision should come down to which breed best suits your lifestyle and family dynamic. Regardless of which one you choose, both breeds can make wonderful companions if given the right care and attention!

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