The 6 Best Electric Dog Brush for Pet’s Hair in 2023

Managing your dog’s mane can be quite arduous without a good quality electric dog brush or electric pet grooming comb. This can be true of long-haired dogs or those with short hair, although the dog with the long hair will probably be the most difficult.

Depending on the hair type, some dog fur tangles instantly, making it hard to groom the animal with a standard brush and scissors. A good electric dog brush can help remove knots without pulling your dog’s coat too much.

But how do you know which electric dog brush or pet grooming comb is best for your pet? In this article, we will look at a few of the top electric dog brushes in 2022 and what makes them the best.

1. Borpein Electric Dog Brush for Cat, Dog, Pet Hair Groomers

This particular electric dog brush by Borpein is designed especially for pets with heavy, thick, or curly fur. It is durable enough to handle curly, long, and knotted or matted fur better than some of its competitors.

The pet grooming brush has two different modes. Automatic mode works well with large, heavy-coated dogs such as a Golden Retriever or Husky. You will want to use the semi-automatic mode for smaller animals, such as Shi Tzu, Maltese, or even cats.

Although the spin brush action on this product is fast, it features soft bristles to lessen the chances of damaging your pet’s skin. This electric brush’s curved, half-enclosed design helps prevent flyaway hairs.

Fully charged, you can expect the Borpein to last about 3 hours. It is available with free shipping for any Amazon Prime Customer and is eligible for a 30-day replacement, refund, or return guarantee.

2. Vacuyahu 3 in 1 Cordless Dog/Cat Grooming Brush and Vacuum

The Vacuyahu cordless dog grooming electric brush doubles as a cordless vacuum to suck up all of the pet hair that your dog or cat sheds. It is a patented grooming and de-shedding tool specially designed for pet owners.

This machine does so by brushing your pet’s hair while vacuuming loose fur simultaneously. With the flip of a switch, you can also use it to clean up dead fur from car seats, sofas, bedding, off of clothes, and out of corners in your home. It is a must-have for owners of long-haired pets!

In grooming mode, the high-speed motor works quietly to help lessen the chance of frightening your pet. Dogs or cats who are afraid of vacuum cleaners may have an issue with this product, but the longer hose makes it possible for the pet to sit further away from the vacuum.

This tool features three modes; economy, standard, and boost. In eco mode, you can easily remove pet hair from your animal. In standard mode, it is easy to perform a daily cleanup of loose fur. Boost mode is great for cleaning up extra dirty messes.

This pet grooming vacuum also has a 5 stage filtration system that includes a high-density sponge filtration, an H10 sponge filtration, a steel mesh filter, cyclone technology, and HEPA filtration to capture 99% of particles when cleaning.

This dog brush vacuum includes a cleaning comb, charger, pet grooming tool, mini motorized cleaning tool, crevice tool, dusting brush, spare pre-motor filter, and hose. It takes 5 hours to charge and will run for about an hour.

Free shipping is available for any Amazon Prime customer. This product is eligible for Amazon’s 30-day guarantee for returns, replacements, or refunds.

3. Fugacal Electric Pet Grooming Brush

This electric grooming brush by Fugacal is suitable for grooming large and small dogs, as well as cats and other pets. It features USB charging and three different speeds for grooming your furbaby.

With the flip of a switch, this dog grooming brush works on tangles while massaging and brushing your pet. The low, medium, and high speeds give you flexibility for different fur types, making a groomer’s job much easier.

A cotton filter helps to prevent the spread of pet dander and stray fur. The USB charging is fast and efficient, and a quiet motor lessens the chances of scaring your dog or cat.

This product comes with a USB charging cord and charging base. It is important to clean everything after each use.

4. ADB Petite Automatic Slicker Brush for Dogs, Cats, Pets

The ADB automatic slicker brush was made in Holland and designed by Australian Labradoodle breeders who understand what it is like to have dogs with thick, curly, heavy coats of fur that need frequent grooming.

It consists of 72 rows of soft bristles on a small conveyor belt, giving you 500 brush strokes every minute. You can groom your pet with up to 60 brush strokes per minute before your hand gets tired. 

This is a great product for brushing double-coated dogs, as it can quickly brush out almost all of the dog’s undercoat. A flexible hose makes it possible to connect this brush to a vacuum cleaner for even more efficiency while grooming.

This electric grooming tool was designed to remove mats and tangles from your pet’s fur like you would by hand with a slicker brush. This tool simply does so much faster and more efficiently.

You can do this by lifting the matted fur away from the dog’s skin and holding it with one hand near the roots. Holding the ADB petite with the other hand, you simply allow it to brush over the matted fur while you hold your pet.

It should not take long for the mats to be cleared away. This avoids the need for tugging and pulling on matted fur or having to cut the mats out. If long hair or the animal’s tail gets caught up in the conveyor belt, a safety chip causes the tool to stop working immediately.

The ADB petite has many sellers worldwide. It even has its own Facebook page!

5. FurWonder Electric Dog Brush for Pets and Horses

The FurWonder electric grooming brush is great for cats, dogs, and even horses. This product will detangle knots from your pet’s fur and massage and remove any extra undercoat without harming your dog’s skin.

Available in mint green, yellow, and pink, this grooming brush has a motor drive with a brush cartridge that is interchangeable. You can switch out the cartridges for brushes, depending on which pet you are grooming, the animal’s hair type, and other factors.

Furwonder works well with long or short hair but may be cumbersome on smaller animals. It can be an awesome grooming tool for those who wish to groom a larger cat, a dog, or even a horse. It even comes with an extra massage cartridge!

You can easily adjust the speed of the FurWonder, allowing you to take it slow when needed. It has a brush belt but includes a safety chip to shut down the motor if matted hair or knots become stuck in the belt.

This dog brush can also be connected to a vacuum cleaner to reduce the chance of flying hair and pet dander while grooming. If your pet is afraid of the noise emitted by vacuum cleaners, groomers may opt to wait and clean the brush once grooming is done.

A comb is also included to clean the dog brush if you’d rather not use a vacuum. You will also want to be sure to clean any matted fur and loose hair from the brush belt, rotating heads, bristles, and other parts of the dog brush after each use.

The FurWonder comes with a cord that is 3 meters, or almost 10 feet long. It ships from Germany, so shipping costs vary depending on where you live. You can order with both PayPal and Visa.

6. Homrealm Electric Slicker Brush for Long-Haired Dogs, Cats, Pets

Brush and groom your long-haired dogs, cats, or other pets in half of the time with this clean and convenient portable electric grooming brush. The Homrealm brush slides through your dog’s fur quickly, removing dead hair and revealing the gorgeous coat underneath.

With the round, half-wrap design of this slicker brush, flying hair is reduced, and loose fur is removed by as much as 80%, lowering the chances of issues often caused by pet dander. It works great for de-shedding and smoothing the thick coats of most pets.

This electric dog brush has two gears: the first gear for grooming a short-haired dog or cat and the second gear for long-haired pets. You can easily switch between these gears if your furbaby has a dog hairstyle that is both long and short.

The head of the dog brush rotates 360 degrees, making it easy to reach problem areas without a lot of fuss. The smooth teeth of the comb allow you to brush down to the root of the hair without the risk of damage to your pet’s skin.

A safety chip gives this dog brush an anti-scratch function, causing it to stop automatically if pressed against the skin. If this function is triggered, the dog brush will shut down and need to be restarted again.

This brush is rechargeable with a USB cord and keeps a charge for about 8 hours. It is made to operate quietly, so it won’t scare your pet. A comb is included for cleaning hair from the bristles of the dog brush.

It is available with free shipping for any Amazon Prime customer and is eligible for refund, return, or replacement within the first 30 days after the product is received.

How To Make Grooming Safe and Enjoyable

Groomers can tell you that for a dog, a positive grooming session is as enjoyable as a massage can be for humans. An electric dog brush is made to remove dead hair safely without causing cuts or scratches on your pet’s skin.

Brushing your dog is healthy for them and can actually increase their blood flow, relax them, and lower the chances that their humans will be affected by pet dander from shedding. Grooming at least two or three times a week is recommended.

These electric dog brushes were designed to help make grooming easier and safer for both pet and owner. If a person doesn’t understand the proper way to use these products and groom their dog or cat, there can still be a risk of fear, pain, and even damage to the pet’s skin.

If your pet seems frightened or in pain during grooming sessions, there are a few steps that you can take to alleviate their discomfort. Simply follow these steps to reduce the chance of pain during brushing.

  1. If your pet’s hair is long, hold the root of a hair section in one hand while brushing down from root to end with the other hand.
  2. Brush while the hair is dry; it will tend to pull less.
  3. Take special care to be gentle when brushing knots near the face, ears, and neck.
  4. Do not groom a pet that has an open wound. Wait until the wound has fully healed.
  5. Use a reward system to make grooming time especially fun. You might give your dog a treat in between strokes of the dog brush, for example.
  6. Ensure your electric dog brush is cleaned after every use, and never put it away while it is still wet.


These are just a few of the electric dog brushes on the market today. When choosing a brush for your pet, there are a few things you can look for to save money on your purchase.

You may also want to check customer reviews to get a better understanding of the product’s quality. Be sure to look for special offers and check which ones come with free shipping.

We hope you have enjoyed this list of the best electric dog brushes for your pet. Please feel free to look over the rest of our site for more informative articles about dogs and their care!

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