Best Curved Dog Grooming Scissors to Safely Trim Your Pet

Do you treat your dogs as more like children than canine companions, spending tons of cash to give them the best life possible? If so, especially if you have an extra-furry furbaby, you’re probably paying a fortune in grooming costs to keep them looking their best. 

But what if there was a way to safely trim your dog’s hair at home?

Well, there is! Curved scissors or curved shears make the task of trimming your pet so much easier and safer. But which ones are the top professional pet grooming shears?

In this post, I’m going to show you the best curved dog grooming scissors – both kits and single pairs – available today along with tips and other products that will help you to safely trim your dog’s coat and save a ton of mula!

Gimars 6 in 1 Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Set with Carry Case and Comb

This 6-piece set comes with a pair of curved scissors (7 inches in length) for dog grooming, along with 2 pairs of sharp, straight scissors (5.1 and 6.1 inches in length) and a pair of thinning shears (6.69 inches in length).

All of the scissors have round safety tips on the end of their blades to prevent accidental pokes and stabs, which is especially helpful if your pet is a squirmer. A carry case and comb are also included.

These grooming scissors are made from 4CR stainless steel that has been processed with a coating of titanium and then ground and polished. They are rust-resistant and easy to clean.

The finger rest of each hole on these pairs of sharp scissors has detachable rings for those with larger fingers. The design of the ergonomic handles helps keep your grip firm and steady. Rubber tips inside the handles keep the grooming scissors quiet – no scary clicking sound!

The variety of grooming shears included makes this set well-suited for clipping and shaping the hair around the ears, legs, nose, and paws or feet of your pup, large dog, cat, or other pet. 

You can find the Gimars brand professional dog groomer kit listed as a number 1 bestseller in cat grooming scissors on Amazon with free shipping for Prime members.

This set of metal dog grooming shears comes at an affordable price with a customer satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with this kit of curved dog grooming scissors and accessories, you can return it up to 3 months after purchase.

Tinmarda Professional Dog Grooming Shears Set with Round Tip for Safety

This set of dog grooming scissors shares some similarities with the previous one. This kit comes with a carry case and comb but only has 3 pairs of scissors. It is suitable for trimming the hair of a large dog, small dog, cat, or other pet.

The scissors in this Tinmarda set are also made of stainless steel and processed with a titanium coating, making them durable and sharp enough not to tug on your pet’s fur. The round tip on each blade protects the face, paws, ears, eyes, and noses of dogs, cats, and other pets from accidental pokes.

The rubber rings inside the finger rest on each pair of Tinmarda’s grooming scissors are removable so that groomers with larger fingers can use them. Ergonomically designed handles make these the perfect pair of shears for pet grooming.

These dog grooming scissors also feature rubber tips inside the handles to silence the clicking sound and avoid frightening your pet. Unlike some other scissors, an adjustable screw on these makes them easy to tighten or loosen.

The 1 pair of thinning shears in this kit measure 6.5 inches in length, as does the 1 pair of straight scissors and the pair of curved scissors. A black leather carry case, metal comb, and cleaning cloth are also included at a great price.

Amateur and professional dog groomers can purchase this kit of pet shears from Amazon with free delivery for Prime customers. Customer ranking for this set of dog grooming scissors was 3rd in dog grooming but lower in other categories.

Hashimoto Curved Dog Grooming Scissors for Professional Groomers

For those who are not looking for a complete set of dog grooming scissors, but only want to shop for curved scissors for grooming their pets, Hashimoto is an excellent choice.

You can purchase this pair of curved shears with lengths ranging from 6.5 inches to 7.5 inches. The curved design of the blades makes it easy to trim the rounded head of your pets.

These grooming scissors are made from Japanese Hitachi 440C stainless steel, making them sharp, sturdy, and smooth compared to other scissors. The handle is symmetrical, making them suitable for right-handed or left-handed groomers.

It is also craned for a steadier hand while trimming your smaller or larger dogs, cats, or other pets. An adjustable key is included so that you can tighten or loosen the screw as needed.

This pair of curved shears was ranked as Amazon’s Choice in dog grooming scissors. You can shop for them in the simple, curved style, curved with round tips for safety, or curved for large fingers.

Kenchii Love Collection Curved Scissors with Serrated Edge for Dogs, Cats, Pets

If you are looking to keep your pet trimmed with a higher quality, professional-grade pair of curved shears, this pair of Kenchii with curved blades could be just what you need.

They are made from durable Japanese alloy steel, making them a good choice for those who want to groom their pets at home, or for those who are in the pet hair-cutting business.

This kit of grooming scissors comes boxed with a finger insert and oil. By applying a coat of oil to the blades before using, you can avoid having a pet dander stuck to the scissors.

This will also lessen the chance that the blades will get hung up in the pet’s hair. You can purchase this pair of dog grooming scissors in lengths of 6.5 inches with a round tip curved and round tip straight.

They also come in 7-inch straight left-handed, 7-inch curved, 7-inch straight, 8-inch curved left-handed, 8-inch straight left-handed, 8-inch curved, 8-inch straight, 9-inch curved and straight, 22-inch tooth blender for left and right-handed, and 44-inch thinning shears.

Along with the option of safety round tips and left-handed pairs, Kenchii also features an adjustable screw to tighten or loosen as needed. They ship for free with Amazon Prime and come with a 30-day unlimited warranty.

Vanjunn Dog Grooming Tools Set With Curved Scissors, Thinning Shears for Dogs, Cats, Pets

Made of 4CR stainless steel, this kit features a 6.8-inch pair of scissors with curved blades and 6.5-inch thinning scissors for keeping your dogs, cats, or pets’ hair groomed. Also included is a carrying case, 7.5-inch comb, and a cleaning cloth.

Rounded safety tips help to prevent accidents, and the ergonomic handle helps the groomer to keep a firm grip while cutting or thinning your pet’s hair. The screw is adjustable to allow for tightening or loosening the tension. Rubber tips prevent clicking noises that can scare some pets.

You can purchase this professional kit from Walmart with free shipping!

Kingstar Professional Titanium Straight, Curve, Thinning, Pet Grooming Scissors for Dog, Cat

This 4-piece set of scissors features curved and straight blades and a thinning blade for grooming your pet’s hair. 1 pair of thinning scissors, 1 straight shear, 1 up-curved, and 1 down-curved, as well as a case and a cleaning cloth, completes this kit.

Each blade has a sharp, convex, polished edge that gives you a smoother, more professional cut. The thinning scissors feature meticulously crafted teeth that won’t pull your dog’s hair.

This pet grooming kit was also created with an ergonomic design that makes gripping the scissors easier for the groomer. An adjustable key can be used to tighten or loosen the screws for more control over the safety when cutting the hair of your dog or any other pet.

This kit was also featured as an Amazon’s Choice product, and it comes with a 90-day unconditional return if the customer is not satisfied. When purchased through Amazon Prime, shipping is free.

Fogosp 7 Stainless Steel Pet Grooming Scissors for Small Dog, Cat

These stainless steel dog grooming shears boast of being “super sharp” to avoid pulling your pet’s hair. These 7-inch upward-curving scissors are recommended for use with a small dog or cat but can work well for any pet.

The ergonomic design and light weight make this pair of dog grooming scissors easy to grip tightly while cutting for better control and safety. They are ideal for daily use by professional groomers or for occasional use by pet owners who want to avoid going to the groomers.

This set of curved blade shears can be reversed for right-handed or left-handed use. They come in various lengths and styles and even in a kit with other scissors. You can purchase them with Amazon Prime and enjoy free shipping!

Fogosp 7 Stainless Steel Pet Grooming Scissors KIT for Dog, Cat

This is the kit that goes with the Fogosp curved scissors listed above for those who may be looking for more than just the curved grooming shears. This stainless steel set comes with 7-inch curved blade scissors, 7-inch straight scissors, 6.5-inch thinning shears, and 6.5-inch chunkier shears, as well as a carry case and cleaning cloth.

With this kit, you can do everything from trimming a small dog or cat’s hair to thinning the hair of a large dog with thick fur. It can be used at home, in a pet salon, for dogs, cats, or other pets. Both this set and the single pair of Fogosp curved-blade scissors mentioned above come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Univinlions Downward Curved Blade Pet Grooming Shears

These lightweight downward curved dog shears feature rounded tips for your pet’s safety and larger finger holes for a better grip. A symmetric handle makes it possible for both right-handed and left-handed people to use them.

The curve of these scissors makes them ideal for grooming around your pet’s eyes, mouth, nose, feet, head, and other tricky areas. They can be used in pet salons, veterinary hospitals, or at home.

This product also comes with rubber tips to keep the clicking noise of cutting scissors down to a minimum. The screw is adjustable so the tension can be loosened and tightened as needed.

These are a great choice for all types of coats, from small dogs with short coats to cats with lots of hair to larger dogs with thicker coats – these will work for them all.

You can try these downward-curved scissors risk-free from Amazon Prime with free shipping. They come with a 30-day unconditional return policy and a 12-month warranty on faulty workmanship or materials.

Fenice Peak Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Set

This set from Fenice is made of stainless steel and designed for both up and down use. Just like most of the other dog grooming scissors mentioned in this list, these also feature rubber tips between the handles to silence any scary clicking noises.

The arc of these shears keeps them in perfect balance for trimming your pet’s fur safely and evenly. While they are fine for beginners to use, you should be aware that they do not feature rounded tips, so you will need to take care not to poke your pet accidentally.

This set includes 1 pair of thinning scissors, 1 pair of straight, 1 curved set, 1 pair of chunker shears, a carrying case, and a cleaning cloth. The black, ergonomic handles make using these shears easier and safer for you and your fur baby.


These are my top picks for curved dog grooming scissors. I hope this article has helped you get a better idea of the best grooming shears on the market in 2022. Please feel free to browse this site for more informational posts about loving and caring for your dogs!

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