Colorado Mountain Dog- Everything You Should Know

You might have come across many dog breeds in your life. But have you ever seen a Colorado Mountain Dog? This furry buddy can win your heart in seconds! Coming from the livestock guardian dogs family, this doggo will definitely attract you with its friendly personality and beautiful appearance. 

Let’s get you to know more about this family-friendly creature and who knows, you might welcome one to your family soon! 

In this article, you’ll be reading:

  1. A quick introduction to Colorado Mountain Dog breed
  2. The origin of Colorado Mountain Dog breed 
  3. Pros and Cons of getting a Colorado Mountain Dog 
  4. Other essential factors that describe the Colorado Mountain dog breed
  5. A few frequently asked questions 
Average Height 34 inches 
Shoulder31 inches
Chest Size Medium
Average Weight Males: 110-150 pounds Females: 80-120 pounds
Coat Length Medium 
Coat Texture Soft and fur like 
Tail Thick with long fur 

A Quick Hello To Colorado Mountain Dogs

The Colorado mountain dog was bred specifically for eco-tourism and small acreage farming. These dogs are usually calm and are less likely to stray and bark. They are also more accepting of unknown humans, which makes them a great companion. 

With their medium body coat, soft silky hair,  and leaner body, Colorado mountain dogs are one of the most attractive breeds in the livestock guardian dogs family. 

Usually, you’ll see them in with white furry coats. However, some of them also have fur of other colors like brindle, tan, badger markings and dark muzzle. A well-bred Colorado Mountain Dog is a great family companion since they will follow you around the house or yard while you’re walking or doing some chores. 

Exciting, right? Check out this cute video of a Colorado mountain dog playing with kids. 

Where Did Colorado Mountain Dogs Come From?

Living among the rocky mountains in Colorado, a girl named Wendy Francisco encountered a goat of hers being killed by a mountain lion. Just after the devastating experience, Wendy thought of finding a livestock guardian dog. 

It was 2005 and during that time, LGDs (livestock guardian dog) were known to be unfit and incapable of protecting livestock and guarding the farms. Wendy started looking for ways to make a new kind of livestock guardian dog that would not only be good at protecting its owner, but would also be friendly around new people. 

After great research, Wendy found a beautiful dog named Caspian. He was 3/4 Great Pyrenees (a livestock guard dog from North America) and 1/4 Anatolian Shepherd Dog (originally from Turkey). 

Wendy was willing to begin her own dog breed when she found an ideal mate named Snow, who had similar qualities as Caspian. She found that Caspian and Snow’s offspring produced a dog with: 

  • Athletic body
  • Strong guardian instincts
  • Hybrid vigour and health
  • Friendly personality than most LGD breeds 
  • Leaner body
  • Easier to maintain fur
  • Cleaner mouths (less drool)

With that kind of characteristics, the Colorado Mountain Dog got in demand all over the United States in no time. Click here to know about the Colorado Mountain Dog Association

Let’s Talk About Pros And Cons

You must go through the pros and cons of getting a Colorado Mountain Dog. This will help you make the perfect decision.


Friendly Personality

Colorado Mountain dogs are known for their outgoing personality. Their confidence and the way they accept unknown humans easily with people around makes them a perfect dog for families. 

Unless they are protecting the family farms or their loved ones, they rarely exhibit potential aggression. They are mellow and will blend in well with the group. 

However, don’t be fooled by their sweet, cuddly appearance! Colorado Mountain Dogs always have a strong motive to guard their pack and are continuously on the lookout for danger.h


Another positive characteristic of the breed is that, unless it is absolutely required, they do not make a noise. Colorado Mountain Dogs are also not violent unless they have to attack a predator to protect and guard the farm. 

These dogs have a low-pitched bark as its primary defence mechanism against potential attackers. Their booming bark serves as a deterrent to predators like coyotes and mountain lions, prompting them to rethink before attacking the livestock.  

Free Spirited

In order to survive in the mountains, a dog’s mental agility is essential. Colorado Mountain Dogs are smart enough to make their own decisions. Thus, they usually rely on their own intuition. 

They very well understand how to repel predators and when to spring into action.

With a clear knowledge of what they are supposed to do, they don’t require as many commands from their owner.


Colorado Mountain Dogs are hard working and have a great work ethic. They can go above and beyond to ensure the safety of you and your livestock. 

They have a profound feeling of purpose and constant awareness of danger. With Colorado buddies, you don’t have to worry about making them exercise. These furry buddies tire themselves on their own while keeping an eye out for predators 



Colorado Mountain Dogs have an independent nature and are free thinkers, which means they could become stubborn and do things their own way. The dog will know what he is supposed to do and have a strong sense of duty. 

However, he might not be very good at listening. These dogs don’t listen well and don’t do much of what their owners tell them to do.

High Maintenance

The double coat on a Colorado Mountain Dog sheds when the seasons change. Even though they don’t need much care in the winter, when summer comes, their undercoat will blow out. 

During this time, Colorado Mountain Dogs need to be brushed every day to get rid of any loose or dead hair. Since the Livestock Guard Dogs are likely to spend a lot of time on the farm, you’ll need to check their coats and ears for parasites and ticks. 

Take Time To Mature

It can take these dogs up to 2 years to reach adulthood, so you have to be patient. During those first two years, your puppy might make some bad choices about how to act around livestock. Because of their unusual behaviour, you might lose a few chickens or roosters in your farm.

Quite Expensive

Colorado Mountain Dogs aren’t a cheap breed. The price of a puppy is between $800 and $1000. Being huge in size, these dogs require a proper diet. According to our research, Colorado mountain dogs can eat up to 4 cups of dog food everyday. This amount of food could cost up to $100 a month to feed them. 

Other Factors That Describe Colorado Mountain Dog

Now that we are clear about the pros and cons, let’s talk about the breed’s grooming, training, feeding and health concerns. 


It’s very easy to groom a Colorado Mountain Dog. These dogs require very little brushing and their hair doesn’t shed much during winter months. However, you will have to brush them regularly suring summer. Their basic grooming requires the following: 

  • Brushing 2-3 times a week 
  • Filing of nails once a week
  • Cleaning teeth twice a day 
  • Complete wash once in 2-3 weeks

Here’s a list of grooming items you must have:

  • Combing brush with soft bristles 
  • Dog toothbrush with hard bristles 
  • Cotton swabs
  • Dog shampoo and conditioner 
  • Talcum powder for ticks 
  • Ear cleaning solution 
  • Small pair of scissors for cutting unwanted hair length 


Colorado Mountain Dogs don’t work well with harsh or strict training. These dogs demand a strong leader that is familiar with canine body language and uses positive training methods. 

A trainer who knows obedience training would be a great fit for a Colorado mountain dog. This type of training will encourage the dog to work with passion, stay physically active and take part in different activities. 


The first few weeks after birth are the most critical for Colorado mountain dogs. It is very important that the dog eats high-quality puppy food that has at least 20% protein and 15% fat. 

It is advisable to feed your puppy with puppy food for the first 18 months. This way your dog’s body will use the nutrients well and get the most out of them. Make sure you choose a food that is light and easy to digest. 

Colorado Mountain Dogs are very active dogs. Thus, they need more calories than other breeds to maintain a healthy weight. It is recommended to feed your dog with 2–3 cups of dry kibble per day. You can split into two meals, depending on the dog’s age, size, and level of activity.

Here is a list of some best dog food brands for Colorado Mountain Dog. 

Health Concerns 

All dog breeds come with their own set of genetic issues. If you are thinking of getting a Colorado Mountain Dog, it is essential to know about the health concerns associated with your pet. 

These dogs can have different health problems depending on whether they are of English or French descent. If you buy a dog from a breeder, you will know if it has any genetic problems, so you can avoid getting a dog with bad hips or other health problems.

A healthy Colorado Mountain Dog will have a healthy weight, shiny coat and good physical strength. Get your dog from only a trustworthy and genuine local breeder to avoid health issues from improper breeding practices. 


The average lifespan of a Colorado Mountain Dog is around 7-10 years. This is a bit less than other dog breeds. However, with proper care and attention it can go up to 11 years. 

Always remember- Never skip your dog’s vaccinations and always keep their medical card with you so that you stay updated with your pet’s medical needs. 


Colorado mountain dogs are not hyperactive. However, to stay fit and healthy, these dogs need to have a daily activity of about 80 minutes. 

If they work on a farm, they will get a lot of exercise just by doing what they do every day. If you keep them in the house, a big yard where they can run around and explore is best. But you will still need to take your dog on one or two short walks every day. 

Quick Questions 

Got some doubts? Clear them here with these frequently asked questions. 

Which Breeds Are Similar To Colorado Mountain Dogs? 

The list of dog breeds similar to the Colorado Mountain Dog includes Irish Wolfhound, Deutsche Bracke, Shethund, Kangal, Kuchi and Anatolian Shepherd. 

Which Dog Bed Is Best For a Colorado Mountain Dog?

FurHaven NAP Deluxe Memory Foam Pillow Dog Bed w/Removable Cover is the perfect dog bed for Colorado Mountain Dogs. The mattress is filled with memory foam which relieves strain on the dog’s muscles and joints. In addition to this, its soft and comfy fabric ensures a peaceful night’s sleep.

Which Dog Harness Is Best For a Colorado Mountain Dog?

PetSafe’s Easy Walk Dog Harness is the ideal dog harness for dogs in the Rocky Mountains. It ensures optimal control of their movement by limiting their forward leash pull. It is perfect for using while out for a jog or other routine activity, as it does not restrict dog’s movement. 

Which Dog Crate Is Best For a Colorado Mountain Dog?

Precision Pet Products makes the best dog crates for Colorado Mountain Dogs. The brand’s Double Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate is an excellent choice. The detachable tray at the bottom makes it excellent for house training, as well as a place for them to relax. The door’s locked latches keep them from fleeing and are helpful during behaviour training. 

What are some important medical tests for a Colorado Mountain Dog?

To make sure your pet is fit and healthy, ask your vet to do the following tests: 

  • Regular full body checkup and examination 
  • Blood glucose level test 
  • Eye testing 
  • Hip and elbow X-ray

To Put It All Together 

So that was all! A Colorado Mountain dog is a great choice for someone who wants a friend that can also keep strangers away. These pooches have a fierce bark and care a lot about their families. They can take care of themselves, but they will still need a lot of love, care and attention from you. They stay happy, alert, and very careful around new people. 

Thanks for reading! 

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