Here Are the Best Dog Treats for French Bulldogs

Are you looking for the best dog treats for your French Bulldog? It is important to your dog’s health and well-being to consider a few guidelines when searching for nutritious treats for French Bully puppies or your adult French Bulldog.

For example, it is always best to choose dog treats that are not only delicious but also nutritious. Artificial flavors, artificial preservatives, artificial colors, other artificial ingredients, and hidden chemicals should be avoided.

Instead, you should choose healthy, grain-free treats with high-quality ingredients, natural flavor, and other all-natural ingredients as treats for French bulldog puppies. It is also a good idea to pick healthy dog treats that are low in fat and won’t add much to your dog’s daily calorie count.

Even when choosing the best treats for French Bulldogs, you should avoid giving too many treats. While French Bulldogs love a tasty treat, they should be given for good behavior, as part of a training process, and not only as a delicious snack. So keep track of how many treats you give your dog per day.

It is perhaps easiest to choose regular treats to add to your dog’s diet if you understand what the treat will be used for. First, let’s look at the different types of dog treats and their purposes.

Types of Treats for French Bulldogs

As mentioned, there are a few different types of treats for French Bulldogs. Picking the right treat for your dog will depend on what you plan to use the treat for.

Are these treats meant to clean your dog’s teeth? Are they to be used as dog training treats for training French Bulldog puppies? Or perhaps these treats are just meant as tasty snack treats or calming treats for your French Bulldog puppy.

We will begin by pointing out five different types of dog treats for French Bulldog owners. Then we will show you our favorite French Bulldog treats.

1 – Dog Treat for Anxiety in French Bulldogs

Calming treats are a great choice for dog owners with puppies who suffer from anxiety or for those who bark too much. Natural ingredients such as melatonin, CBD oil, chamomile, and other calming supplements are included in these puppy treats.

It is believed that these treats work by helping your dog to feel relaxed and promoting a sense of safety. Some of these are crunchy treats, while others are soft treats. They are textured and flavored to be a snack dogs love.

You can use these treats for French Bulldog puppies by administering them when your dog seems anxious or is barking too much. They work for general anxiety, phobias, and hyperactivity.

2 – Training Treats for French Bulldogs

As the name suggests, these treats are used to train dogs. A great training treat can go a long way toward teaching your pet to be the perfect addition to your family. They are a terrific way for pet lovers to introduce positive reinforcement into their dog’s training.

Since intelligent dogs tend to react better to rewards than punishments, using dog biscuits to praise training milestones is beneficial. A dog owner looking for training treats should seek a soft treat that is easy to hide in the palm of their hand and has a chewy texture.

3 – Treats for Dog’s Dental Health

This is another treat whose name specifies exactly what it is used for. Dental treats are specially formulated to promote healthy teeth and gums in your puppy or dog. They clean away tartar and plaque from your dog’s gums and teeth and help destroy bad breath.

Of course, the best dental treats for dogs not only promote clean teeth and fresh breath but are also tasty and nutritious. They also help to fight gingivitis, a health issue that can lead to bleeding gums and other issues in the mouth. Periodontitis, another dental health condition, is destructive and often destroys the connective tissue holding the teeth, as well as the bone. 

A regular dental dog treat in your pup’s routine can help keep your pup healthy throughout its life by preventing dental issues that could lead to kidney, liver, or heart conditions in adult dogs.

4 – Healthy Treats for French Bullies

The category of healthy treats for your dog is a large one. Of course, making homemade treats gives a pet owner control over the ingredients and allows you to choose flavors that your dogs prefer.

For those who don’t have the time to make homemade treats or simply don’t want to, there are many healthy snacks for your pups. Basically, any type of treat can be healthy, including bully sticks, chewy dog treats, jerky treats, kibble treats, or anything designed to help keep your dog healthy.

A healthy treat contains all-natural ingredients such as real chicken, chicken liver, sweet potatoes, and other natural ingredients. From gluten-free to those with whole wheat flour, these treats are made to help avoid allergic reactions and can even be given to a dog with a sensitive stomach. Be careful of sweet potato calories, however.

They may be used for several nutritional purposes, such as treating indigestion in dogs with sensitive stomachs, weight management, promoting healthy skin and fur, and added nutrition for dogs who need it. Even dental snacks are listed in the high-value treats or health treat category.

5 – Chew Treats for Your Frenchie Pup

Chewy treats are also a wonderful snack for your dog. While most dog parents will choose toys for their puppies to chew on instead of treats, they still make good snacks for your pet.

Chew treats deter puppies from chewing on your furniture and other belongings. They are also a great distraction for dogs who are bored or frustrated. Teething puppies love chew treats.

Our Favorite Picks for Each Type of Treat

Since we have covered the different types of treats available in the market today, let’s show you our favorites from each type. Here are our picks for your Frenchies.

1 – Favorite Treats for Anxiety in Frenchie Dogs

These are our favorite doggy snacks to help treat anxiety. If your dog is anxious, hyperactive, stressed, or barks excessively, these may help.

  • Zesty Paws Calming Bites – These peanut butter flavored soft chews are a delicious way to calm your stressed Frenchie. They are loaded with a veterinary form of L-Theanine called Suntheanine. It promotes feelings of peace and safety in your furbaby. They also contain ingredients such as ashwagandha, valerian root, passionflower, hemp, ginger, and magnesium to relax your pet.
  • Pet Parents USA Calming Treats – Powerful nutrients in these organic supplements help relieve stress and calm frayed nerves, both for your furbaby and you. They are great for all ages, sizes, and breeds of dogs. They contain no fillers and use naturally sourced ingredients and relaxants to help calm dogs during storms, hyperactive periods, and other anxiety-causing situations.
  • Premium Care Hemp Calming Chews – This is another choice made in the USA. These calming snacks are made with hemp. They help with separation anxiety, stress, phobias, excessive barking, stress from other dogs, thunderstorms, and more. Vets recommend these snacks that contain natural supplements such as valerian root, ginger, passion flower, and more.

2 – Our Picks for Frenchie Training Treats

The following picks are our choices of best training treats for your Frenchie babies. Using tasty snacks as a reward is always better than punishment for your beloved pet.

  • Zuke’s Training Treats – These Zuke’s training treats are great for dogs of all life stages, but since they are mini treats, you may want to be careful with larger dogs since they could be a choking hazard. This guilt-free reward is made with real beef and cherries, giving them natural and delicious nutrition. Plus, they are under 3 calories per treat!
  • Wellness Soft Puppy Bites – These natural, grain-free treats are great for training small dogs. They contain real meat and DHA, giving your Frenchie lots of protein and nutrients for brain function. Soft lamb and salmon or crunchy chicken and carrots give Wellness Soft Puppy Bites lots of flavor and texture. They have no artificial colors.
  • Simply Nourish Source Freeze-Dried Dog Treats – With delicious beef liver and sweet potato flavors, these training treats are a nutritious and tasty way to keep your pup’s attention. Real beef liver is the first ingredient, so you know they’re full of protein. They also come in chicken and cranberry, as well as other flavors.

3 – Top Dental Dog Treats

We also have a few top picks for dental treats for your Frenchies. Although they are considered a healthy treat, they also stand alone in a category of their own. Dental chews not only help keep your Frenchie’s breath fresh but can protect their teeth, gums, and overall health.

  • Greenies Adult Teenie Dog Dental Treats – The tasty blueberry flavor of these doggie dental snacks make your dog eager to have them each day. They also contain vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to keep your pup healthy. Greenies are accepted by the Veterinary Oral Health Council and vet recommended.
  • Whimzees Brushzees Natural and Grain-Free – Vets also recommend Whimzees Brushzees because they are great at removing plaque and tartar, freshening your dog’s breath, and fighting bacteria in the mouth. Their functional design helps to reach between the pup’s teeth and allows your Frenchie to grip them better in their paws as they chew.
  • Milk Bone Brushing Chews – These dental biscuits are meant for dogs of all ages and breeds. Their patented design and irresistible flavor help keep your dog’s teeth healthy for years. These treats have no artificial flavors, and they are sealed for freshness. Fortified with calcium and 12 vitamins and minerals, they are as effective as brushing twice a week.

4 – Healthy Treats for Frenchies: Our Favorites

Although our dogs love a tasty snack, we never compromise on their health, not even when it comes to treats. This is why we recommend doggie snacks that are all-natural and aren’t stuffed with artificial colors, flavors, or chemicals. Here are our favorite healthy doggo snacks.

  • Sam’s Yams Veggie Rawhide Sweet Potato Chews – Rich in antioxidants, these chewy snacks are high on our list of favorite treats, both for nutritional value and taste! They’re full of fiber to protect your dog’s digestive health. They are low in calories and stocked full of nutrients. Also, these treats double as dental snacks since their texture helps clean your pup’s teeth!
  • Wellness Crunchy Puppy Bites – The delicious soft treats feature two different types of meat protein with a natural DHA source for your Frenchie’s brain power. They’re made from whole fruits and vegetables like blueberries and carrots, as well as chicken and salmon.
  • Zuke’s Mini Naturals Peanut Butter and Oats – Zuke’s Mini Naturals are made with protein-rich peanut butter as the first ingredient. Whole foods such as berries and oats blend in to make the perfect healthy snack for your furbaby. With less than three calories per snack, you don’t have to worry about adding the pounds on your doggo’s scales.

5 – Best Chew Treats for Frenchies

Last but certainly not least in our lists of favorites are the chew treats. If you have an older dog or a puppy whose teeth just aren’t okay with hard, crunchy bites, these are the ones for you!

  • Milk Bone MaroSnacks – A hard shell on the outside hides the chewy treat on the inside of these delicious and nutritious dog snacks. The secret to the yummy center is that it’s made with real bone marrow for calcium and protein! They’re made in the USA and perfect for dogs of all ages and sizes.
  • Merrick Power Bites – Merrick’s treats are all-natural, grain free, and created to be soft and chewy for your pup with sensitive gums. Whether you have an older dog or a teething puppy, these power bites are a great snack. Deboned beef is the first ingredient.
  • Tailored Pet Natural Soft and Chewy Treats – Tailored Pet’s snacks come in beef or chicken flavor, with real meat and no by-products of poultry. They also have no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives and are full of Omega 6 for your pup’s fur and skin.

Final Thoughts on Frenchie’s Best Dog Treats

There are obviously many choices when it comes to picking the best snacks for your dog. Don’t be overwhelmed. If you make sure to pick one that is right for your pup’s size and age, and doesn’t have artificial ingredients, you’re on the right track. Wholesome, all-natural ingredients are also good things to look for when choosing the best dog treats for your French Bulldog.

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