Best Shock Collar for German Shepherds

German shepherds are high-energy, strong dogs. And while they’re lovable, they’ll still need proper training to learn what’s right and wrong.

Shock collars have had their blame, but at the end of the day, they are still one of the most effective ways to train a dog. This is especially true if your pet possesses mercurial behavior or shows unexpected bursts of aggressiveness.

This article looks at some of the best shock collars for German shepherds. We also discuss other things you need to know when buying and using a shock collar.

What are Shock Collars?

Also known as training collars or e-collars, shock collars are special equipment worn around your dog’s neck.

They’re generally used to warn a dog when it’s showing bad or harmful behavior with sound and vibration and can deliver an electric shock if the animal doesn’t stop it.

Are Shock Collars Really Bad?

Well, we aren’t going to lie; shock collars do inflict pain on your dogs. This has caused some people to term them inhumane, which is understandable since you can train your pet in other ways.

However, we must understand that a dog, no matter how loyal and kind, is an animal. It’s a distant relative to the wolf and has a predatory instinct. A dog obeys us only because it sees us as the ‘alpha,’ which is supposed to be the leader of its pack in nature.

Now, even in nature, some dogs may need some physical warning by the alpha to remain in their best etiquette. A shock collar is a gentle way of doing that; the shocks are painful but will last only a few seconds.

Furthermore, sometimes, shock collars can actually help save the life of a dog or a human around it. For example, when a dog is wandering off, showing aggressiveness to a larger animal, or attacking a human.

Things to Consider While Buying a Shock Collar

Before discussing the products, we’ll look at some important features to look for in a shock collar:


Most collars in the market are effective between 150 yards to around 2 miles. If your dog tends to wander off, or if you have a lot of open space around the house, you need to get a collar with a higher range.

Safety Measures

You wouldn’t want any accidental shocks. Good shock collars have various safety features like remote control, keypad lock, etc. In this aspect, you also need to buy from a trusted brand whose products are known to be engineered with care so that no malfunctions occur.

Water Resistance

German shepherds like the outdoors and, more often than not, manage to get themselves bathing in the mud or dirt.

Sometimes, you may also want to take your dog to train on the beach or near other water sources. For a breed as active as a German shepherd, the shock collar must be waterproof.


The shock collar should have adjustable sensitivity settings depending on how harmful the behavior is. 

You wouldn’t want to give your pet underserved, redundant shocks, which will cause unnecessary pain and fear or stress.

Top 10 Best Shock Collars for German Shepherds

Here are the best dog training collars for a german shepherd:

SportDog 825X E Collar 

The SportDog 825X E Collar has almost everything required to be one of the best shock collars for german shepherds. It’s got a range of half a mile, about 21 levels of stimulation, and you have options to train with vibration and tone.

This product is almost completely waterproof and submersible to 25 feet. In addition, the batteries also stand out; they can charge in only 2 hours and last between 50 to 70 hours.

Do remember that you need to charge the collar and the battery separately. Furthermore, this particular model supports training up to two dogs, and you can also get the SD-1225X or SD-1825X, which are essentially the same product with more range.


  • Great battery life
  • Easy and comfortable to strap
  • Available in various ranges


  • One of the more expensive products

Educator Humane Dog Training Collar

The manufacturer claims that the Educator Dog Training collar is the most humane in the market. It has 100 stimulation modes depending on the dog’s behavior, and all of them create a ‘blunt’ stimulus instead of a sharp pain sensation.

This collar has an ergonomic design, and the remote (transmitter) is in the shape of a mini-stopwatch. The size is beneficial for pet owners with small hands. Additionally, both the transmitter and the collar are water resistant, and the range is 1/2 mile.

The Educator training collar also has a stimulation boost feature that can make the stimulations a little more intense. Furthermore, there’s a two-year warranty with live phone support if you need help.


  • Good customer support
  • Is effective


  • Battery life
  • The components don’t seem to have a very strong build
  • Responsiveness decreases at a distance

QVENTURE Dog Training Collar

The QVENTURE Dog Training Collar has 99 levels of strength and a range of about 800 meters. 

It has three modes, including Shock, Tone, and Vibration. Furthermore, this e-collar is adjustable between 7.1 inches and 25.6 inches, so it’s easy to strap to a German shepherd.

Given that this collar is for long-range use, it also has an LED light so you can track your dog easier during training. Both the receiver and the remote are waterproof and can even be charged together.

This product has an auto power-saving function which gives a better battery life. In addition, the remote control doesn’t slip and is easy to hold.


  • Many intensity levels
  • Comes with three shock collars
  • Good battery life


  • Effectiveness can decrease with increasing range
  • Need to be careful with the intensity level

Dogtra 1900S Series

Sleek, slim, and highly effective- that’s how we can describe Dogtra 1902S. This e-collar is made for large dogs like german shepherds and has a range of 3/4 miles. 

Furthermore, this product has an IPX9K waterproof certification, which means it can withstand water sprays up to a pressure of 100 bars and 176 degrees Fahrenheit.

This e-collar has 127 correction levels, which can easily be seen on the LCD screen on the controller. 

In addition, there are two correction types: one lasts about half a second, while the other is less sharp but can last up to 12 seconds.

The battery life on the Dogtra 1900S Series is another reason dog owners recommend it. It can work for up to 48 hours to 72 hours on a full charge, and if you use it sparingly, you may only need to charge it once a week.


  • LED screen on the controller
  • One-year warranty
  • Various intensity levels and types
  • Comes with two collars that can be put on two dogs and controlled separately


  • Complaints about the customer service

SportDOG Brand SportTrainer Remote Trainers

Here’s another long-range collar for your german shepherd. The SportDog Brand trainer is effective up to 1/2 Miles and has ten levels of static shock. Moreover, it also has vibration and tone options.

This e-collar is also waterproof and is submersible up to 25 feet. The batteries charge in about two hours and can last up to 70 hours. The remote transmitter also has an LED indicator showing the shocks’ intensity.

The SportDog is an excellent option if you have more than one dog, given that the same remote can be used to control up to three trainers. Furthermore, the controls are straightforward and laid out such that anyone can understand them.


  • Simple design
  • Good range


  • Concerns about the build quality
  • Unusual charging cord

PetSafe Remote Training Collar

PetSafe remote training collar is a lightweight digital e-collar with a 900-yard range. It has 15 levels of static shock and tone and vibration features.

The remote is also light and has a digital display. There are two separate buttons for stimulation and tone, and it also has a safety lock feature for higher intensity levels.

The PetSafe remote collar is made of nylon and is easy to fit. In addition, it’s completely waterproof and has a long-lasting battery (up to 40 hours). The package comes with a quick-charging adaptor that can charge the device within 2 hours.


  • Trusted brand
  • Simple design
  • Various ranges available from 100 to 900 yards


  • Doesn’t come with a charger head
  • The buttons in the remote haven’t been labeled, so it may take some time to learn to use the device.

Garmin Delta Sport XC Bundle

Here’s a collar that makes you feel like a professional dog trainer. The Garmin Delta Sport XC Bundle has a sporty and sleek design, which corresponds with the device’s actual performance.

There are 36 levels of instant and long stimulations, and it also has tone and vibration. All these three settings have separate buttons on the remote control, which also has a LED display. 

Furthermore, there are five training configurations, including auto-rise bark correction mode.

The controller has multi-device compatibility, and the same remote can be used to train up to three dogs at once. Finally, the collar can last up to 60 hours on a single charge (80 hours for the remote).


  • Great battery life
  • Auto stimulations
  • Bright LED screen


Only one collar inside a packet

  • When controlling more than one collar at once, you must look at the display to check which one is active. This can be disadvantageous when instant actions are required.

PetSafe Basic Bark Control Collar

The PetSafe Basic bark collar is for you if your german shepherd dog barks a lot. There are six levels of static correction; the device is waterproof and can be immersed up to 3 feet inside a water body.

Keep in mind that this particular device is completely automatic and doesn’t have a remote. 

It will choose the safest setting based on how intensely or how often your dog has been barking. Furthermore, you should only strap this device on your german shepherd’s back for up to 12 hours.

The PetSafe Basic Bark Control collar uses an RFA-67 battery lasting up to three to six months. They can’t be recharged, and each packet has three of them.


  • Simple device to use to control barking
  • No remote control or such hassles


  • Less flexibility while choosing the intensity
  • Need to buy batteries when they stop working
  • Non-rechargeable batteries
  • Can only be used to control barking and not for other behaviors

FreeSpirit Remote Dog Training Collar

The FreeSpirit Dog Training Collar and Remote Trainer is just like its name suggests. It’s made for ‘free-spirited’ dogs that like to roam a lot and is effective for up to 330 yards.

There are 99 levels of shock, which you can match to the aggressiveness of the dog. Furthermore, the collar is waterproof and has vibration and tone features.

While there’s just a single collar on a packet, you can order an extra one and control it with the same remote.


  • Effective shocks and other modes
  • Easy to fit and operate


  • The charger comes with no wall socket
  • Connectivity can be an issue in long distances
  • Battery dies quickly

Things to Be Careful About While Using a Training Collar

Finally, here are some guidelines to remember when using dog shock collars:

  • Always use a shock collar as a deterrent to negative behavior. 
  • Be careful about the intensity levels. Don’t make it more painful than it needs to be.
  • Never strap any collar for more than 12 hours a day.
  • A dog shock collar should only be used as a last resort if other methods don’t work.
  • Never use a shock collar on a german shepherd puppy or any other puppies. Your dog should be at least six months old.


While german shepherds aren’t very aggressive, no dog is perfect. Sometimes, physical warnings are the only way to teach your pet, and you can do that by using a remote dog training collar. 

However, you have to use the device responsibly; ensure your goal is to enforce good behavior and not just punish your dog when it’s not obeying your instructions.

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