The Best Brush For Beagles And Its Usage

Beagles are very active breeds that also happen to be high shedders. In addition, they have thick double coats, which accommodate very dense furs. Thus, you must regularly groom them to keep their skin and hair shiny and healthy.

In this article, we look at the best brushes for beagles. And we will also discuss some tips and facts that will help you take good care of your beagle’s hair.

Understanding Shedding in Beagles

Beagle is a working-class dog, first bred in the United Kingdom in the 1830s. The original purpose of this dog was to hunt in packs, and it lived in fairly cold conditions. 

Now, during the winter, a beagle would require a lot of hair to keep its body warm, and that’s the reason it’s got a double coat.

However, during spring, the dog won’t require as much heat. Thus, its body naturally starts dispensing hair, which results in shedding.

So, How Does Grooming Help?

It’s true that when you’re grooming, you won’t do much about the natural process of shedding. However, you’ll remove loose hair from your dog’s skin before they fall onto your mat or the floor, avoiding a long and sometimes dreadful vacuuming session.

Furthermore, dead hairs can sometimes stick to the dog’s fur, causing tangles and damaging skin. Regular brushing also helps you avoid this situation, allowing the hair to fall naturally and without disturbance.

Finally, since regular grooming accompanies a bath, it also entails that you’re taking good care of your pet’s hygiene. This results in stronger hair and less hair fall.

Why Do You Need to Choose a Good Grooming Brush?

Why not just go with the first brush that you see in the store? Well, choosing the right brush is essential, especially for restless and thick-haired dogs like beagles, for the following reasons:

To Protect the Hair

Good brushes have bristles strong enough to collect all the shredded fur. However, they aren’t too rough till the point that they also break healthy hair.

For Relaxation

Dogs have very sensitive skin than humans; they won’t like it if the brush is too hard. A good brush will also massage and relax your pet, which also means that it’ll allow you to groom it without causing problems.

To Distribute the Body Oils

Dogs have various body oils in their skin whose purpose is to keep their coats shiny. However, since they don’t groom themselves much, they need external help to spread these oils around the body, which can be done more effectively with a good brush.

To Improve Blood Circulation

Grooming is essentially massaging, which can improve the blood flow in the dog’s skin and hair follicles. 

This eventually results in stronger hair and a shiny coat. Better blood circulation also has many other benefits, including prevention of toxin build-up in the skin, fewer flare-ups, etc.

To Avoid Pain

A good brush is smoother on your dog’s skin, resulting in less painful grooming. Furthermore, it’ll also allow you to feel your dog’s skin better and discover bumps or wounds more easily.

Top 10 Best Dog Brushes for Beagle’s Coat

Here are some of the best dog brushes for beagle owners:

Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush

The Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush has two faces. The first one contains stainless steel pins that help to remove dead hair and detangle the coat. Similarly, the second face has dense nylon bristles designed to distribute the body oils around the body.

The width of the nylon and the steel sides are 2.35” and 2.67”, respectively. This means that the brush is small enough to fit in hard-to-reach spots like under the legs or the back of the ears. Furthermore, the length of the bristles is perfect for short-haired dogs like beagles.

Other good things about this brush are that it’s light, easy to hold, and durable. In addition, the bristles are nicely rounded, so they won’t hurt your pet.


  • Two sides
  • Amazingly smooth
  • Picks up hair well
  • Value for money


  • Sometimes, it can be a hassle actually to get the fur out of the brush

Wahl Premium Patented Dual Level Sensitive Skin Pet Slicker

Wahl, with their product, has proven how simple architecture can significantly contribute to convenience when grooming a dog. 

It’s got an ergonomic handle; thus, it is less tiring for you to hold during long brushing sessions. Furthermore, the dual-level design helps to untangle and distribute the natural oil without damaging the hair.

Talking about the bristles in detail, the larger bristles are stainless steel and can remove the mat from the coats and also the lower-level fur. 

On the other hand, the lower pins take out the shedding hair. Both of these bristles are gentle, even for mutts with the most sensitive skin.

Finally, keeping the size of different dogs in mind, Wahl has created a larger head, which is especially welcome as you’re taking care of a beagle.


  • Gentle
  • Fewer muscle strains while grooming
  • Large pin design


  • Won’t go too deep in the fur- an issue if you have another pet with thicker hair and want to buy a common brush.

BV Pet Grooming Brush

With short, firm bristles, BV is another brush ideal for beagle grooming. It has two sides; the pin side is used to remove tangles, dirt, and loose hair, while the bristle brush can offer relaxation to your pet.

What we especially liked about this product is its ergonomic anti-slip handle. Furthermore, the ventilation holes allow pins to perfectly align with your dog’s body. It also has an eyelet on the end of the handle, making it easier to store.

Since this brush is wide, it’ll be able to catch more hair at once, which translates to more grooming in less time. Finally, the product has a one-year guarantee- you’ll be able to exchange it if it breaks.


  • Two sides
  • Easy to hold


  • While the brush head is strong, the pins can fall off

Bamboo Groom Palm-Held Brush

Here’s the one you go for if you want your dog’s coat to be shiny while protecting the environment. The Bamboo Groom Brush is made of real bamboo, handcrafted, and is very comfortable since you can hold it in your palm.

The product is about 3.25” wide and 4” tall, making it perfect for reaching tight spaces on the coat. Furthermore, you attach your palm to the brush with the help of an elastic band, which also seems to be very flexible.

You can buy the Bamboo Groom Brush with two types of bristles, i.e., rubber and boar. Both of which are very soft and sturdy. 

Moreover, since using this brush feels like directly running your hands over your furry friend, the grooming experience would be very enjoyable.


  • Biodegradable
  • Amazing while holding
  • Ideal to use in the shower


  • Smaller in size

Conair PRODog Soft Pin Brush

Here’s another brush that fits in the palm of your hand. Conair ProDOG Bristle dog brush is made of very soft plastic pins, hence will even appeal to dogs that don’t like to be groomed.

This brush has a plastic handle, which could be kind of uncomfortable at first, but it’s done to make the product more long-lasting than similar ones that use a nylon strap. And as we checked, the bristles are also strong and won’t come off too easily.

Don’t forget that pin bristles may not spread the natural oils as effectively as boar or nylon brushes. But this brush still does its job well, and your beagle’s hair will be left without any knots.


  • Palm handle
  • Pin brush, so it’ll reach deep into the coat
  • Made of plastic, so will last long


  • Water can seep into the handle
  • The head can be too small for some

Professional Slicker Brush by GoPets

This is the one you go for if you’re looking for an effective shedding brush that’s helpful for de-matting, de-shedding, and detangling. 

The GoPets slicker brush has been designed to remove loose hair from your beagle’s fur while rendering a feeling of massage as you run it on your pet’s body.

The bristle made of fine bent gives a delightful feeling to your dog. Furthermore, the brush is about 4 meters wide and has about 672 bristles, basically meaning that the fur will be left very shiny and soft. 

In addition, the high bristle density also means that the brush will last a long time since you won’t have to worry about one or two fallen bristles.

The professional slicker brush by GoPets has a self-cleaning system- after brushing, you can click on a button, and the bristles will retract, making it easy for the trapped fur to fall. The handles are made of non-slip silicone gel.


  • Comfortable
  • With many bristles, it can make your dog extra shiny
  • Great handle
  • Durable


  • A little more on the expensive side

Biosilk for Dogs Grooming Brush

Biosilk for dogs is an eco-friendly brush made from sustainable and plant-based materials. It’s a pin brush, with bristles arranged spirally to contour your dog’s body, making it highly effective in breaking the tangles in the brush.

This brush’s head is oval, which means it can be used to reach every part of your dog’s body. Furthermore, the grip is wide and ergonomic, and the bristles are bendy and soft.

While the pins shouldn’t be painful, even if your dog has sensitive skin, you can buy the same brush with boar bristles. All in all, whichever one you buy, the coat will be shiny.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Great design


  • The pins may not penetrate very deep
  • Bristles aren’t very sturdy

Hertzko Bristle Brush & Hertzko 3 in 1 Pet Combing Tool

Sometimes, just brushing may not be enough to remove tangles and make the fur silky and smooth. And in such cases, you should consider buying the Hertzko bristle brush and the 3-in-1 Pet combing tool.

The combination of these products has every functionality required for grooming. The bristle brush can remove dust and dander from the top coat and make it shiny. 

On the other hand, the combing tool can be adjusted as a regular comb, detangler, or de-shedder by rotating a button.

All the components have been designed carefully, so they do their job well without hurting your dog. 

That could be the reason Herzko is very proud and confident of this combination; they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the purchase.


  • A complete grooming solution


  • Many components, so could be a hassle while storing
  • The brush itself won’t remove the tangles

GoPets Two-Sided Dematting Comb

Dematting combs such as this one from GoPets are very helpful during the spring when there’s excessive shedding. They’re designed to clear the tangles in the fur smoothly and gently without making your dog feel like something’s pulling its hair.

There are two faces on this brush; the lower density and the higher density ones. The former can remove very stubborn mats, while the latter can be used as a detangler, undercoat rake, and de-shedder.

All the teeth in this comb are very sharp and have rounded ends so that they don’t poke your dog’s skin. Furthermore, the handle has a silicone gel, so it doesn’t slip in your hands.


  • A lot of blades; 12 for dematting and 23 for deshedding
  • Offers great results on both top and the undercoat


  • Expensive

Four Paws Magic Coat Dual-Sided Curry Brush

The Four Paws Magic Coat curry brush is another one of the beagle brushes with two sides. The one with the short nubs can remove loose hair, while the long nubs are suited for more deep cleansing.

This brush is made completely of flexible silicone, so it offers a very pleasant feeling on your dog’s skin. Furthermore, as it’s essentially rubber, removing the fur stuck on the product is very simple.

One thing that sets this brush apart from every other product is that it’s designed to control the dog’s body odors. Furthermore, it can be used when your dog is wet or dry.


  • Simple design
  • Soft on the skin
  • Affordable


  • No handle, so difficult to hold


Finding the best brush for short-haired dogs like beagle is easier said than done, given that you need to find the perfect balance between soft and sturdy. 

Well, all the above brushes are the best of their kind and should be perfect for removing loose hair and leaving your beagle’s coat soft.

Having said that, we hope this article helped you, and finally, we want to thank you for taking such good care of your dog. We wish that it will always have healthy skin and amazing hair.

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